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What is the Safelog eLogbook?
What is the SafelogWeb.com website?
Keeping your logbook in sync
Your logbook, on all your devices, seamlessly synchronized.
You do not need to be online to log flights, to view your logbook, etc.
How and When to Sync?
Getting your Safelog eLog on a new device is fast, easy, and free.
Works offline and online
Actual and realistic FAA test questions?
How to Prepare for your test using GroundSchool
Yes, questions are filtered by specific test. (for example: airplane vs helicopter)
How often are the plates updated?
Is my favorite airport included?
Updating Your Personal (Contact) Details
What countries / airports are included in SimPlates?
Common Fixes to most SimPlates issues
Purchasing bulk or lab/classroom/site licenses for your school or business
All Other CanadaPilot Questions..
Customizing your logbook fields
How to use the plotter / protractor / compass?
Automated night calculation?
Customizing Day/Night Calculations
Bulk Day/Night Calculation/Re-calculation
Auto-night calc based on airline/roster import
Time Zones
Troubleshooting Day / Night Calculations
Testing Center Emulation Modes?
Time Zone Handling?
What Information does FastFAR Include?
Duty Time, Block Time, and Flight Time logging.
Is it up to date?
Logging Multi-Sector Days (Multiple Flights per Duty Period)
Can I install FastFAR on more than one device?
'Holder's Operating Capacity' and 'Handling Role'
Setup re-runs when I expect the program to start
May I install on more than one computer?
USA plates are not loading correctly.
Non-USA Plates are not loading correctly.
Inspection Authorization (IA) Test Prep?
Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) and Ground Instructor (IGI)?
Instructor Add-On / Added Rating Tests
My PilotMorse unlock key doesn't work
Basic, Advanced, and Instrument Ground Instructor (BGI, AGI, and IGI)
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep
Be confident and ready for your next FAA checkride (practical test) oral exam.
RideReady is 100% compatible with FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS).
When should I start studying for my checkride oral?
How does RideReady compare to those little FAA Oral Exam prep books that I have seen?
Who wrote the questions and answers of RideReady?
Marking answers right and wrong?
Which ATP Test?
Do I have to know everything for my checkride?
How does RideReady quiz me on my specific aircraft type?
What aircraft does RideReady include?
How many questions in RideReady?
Multiple Legs?
Simulator Time Logging
What is AirCards for?
Signatures on Flight Records
Logging Multi-Crew / Multi-Pilot Time
I see an error in an AirCards flashcard...
Entering Prior Data?
Where can I take my actual FAA written test?
How to Upgrade Five by Five to the latest version
Finding specific totals
How to use the filter feature
Entering Crewmember / People Names (PIC Name, CoPilot Name, Crew Name, etc)
Create role-based (such as "Name of PIC") logbook fields for people / crewmembers
Adding people in logbook comments
Importing People from a Third Party Source or Roster
Managing and Editing People Records
Pro Tips for Person Importing via CSV
Converting from FAA to EASA
Is GroundSchool EASA sufficient to pass the ATPL / CPL / IR exams?
How do I get more aircraft?
Certificate Printing / Viewing
Name on Certificate is wrong
Livery on some aircraft is not historically correct
You got some aircraft / image wrong!
Setup re-runs when I expect the program to start
Update doesn't work
Source of Library / Learning Mode Information?
Source of Images?
Can't activate discount during the purchase process
What about United Kingdom plates?
Do you include SIDs and STARs?
What is the difference between individual, bulk, and site/lab licenses?
Issue with a specific GroundSchool Audio clip/question
No Test Bank Installed?
What plates do you have for my favorite airport?
Passing Guarantee?
Lost / Not Working / Never Received Activation code
Number of Questions in GroundSchool vs. FAA?
Approved Ground School?
How to report an issue with a question or learning content ...
Is the content current for 2023 and will it be current in 2024 and beyond?
B2B Purchase Questions: methods, purchase orders, tax, etc.
What payment methods do you accept?
Paying by Purchase Order?
W-9 form?
Need a purchase quotation?
Setting up Dauntless as an 'Approved Vendor'?
All questions regarding sales tax / VAT on orders, including exemptions and refunds
How quickly Will you receive your product(s)?
Lab / Site License Questions (General)
What is a lab/site license?
"Fixed" PCs?
There is NO per-student fee!
Student progress monitoring is built-in and free!
Can I charge students for time spent using the prep at my location?
What if the student wants to also study at home?
What if I have instructors at my school? How will they access the material?
What is the duration of a lab license?
What are the system requirements for installation?
Is this a simultaneous USE or "number of hardware devices" licenses?
Site License Test Group Product Mix?
What happens if we replace our PCs with newer ones?
What about content updates?
How can I try a demo?
Do the apps need administrator access?
What do you get after you place an order?
Where do I get the software from?
I can't believe how pleasantly inexpensive and straightforward this is compared to your competitors.
Seat Quantity Question
Can I install a lab licensed copy of the software on our CEO's/Instructor's office computer?
Finding Your B2B (Bulk, Site License) Purchases
Installing on multiple devices
Duplicate Airports, Aircraft Types, and/or People
Bulk Purchase Questions (General)
Where can I purchase Dauntless products in bulk?
What do I get after I purchase? How is my order fulfilled?
Are bulk purchased products returnable?
Quantity Discount Questions?
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac, and Android apps CANNOT be bought in bulk from us, unfortunately.
Subscriptions our Safelog eLogbook CAN be purchased in bulk.
However, for other apps, probably not, unfortunately ...
To buy our apps for others, you may be able to use Apple or Android's 'Gifting' Process
Additionally, perhaps your organization qualifies for certain managed/deployment programs
Order Fulfillment timelines (instant if you pay by card).
If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE you buy.
What if one of your customers/students want to return a keycode to you?
Who handles technical and customer support for your students/clients?
How does this online help desk system work?
Can I purchase iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac, or Android apps in bulk?
Subscriptions our Safelog eLogbook CAN be purchased in bulk.
However, for other apps, probably not, unfortunately ...
To buy our apps for others, you may be able to use Apple or Android's 'Gifting' Process
Additionally, perhaps your organization qualifies for certain managed/deployment programs
FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) ATC (Air Traffic Control) Test Prep
Prepare for and pass the 2023-2024 FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) knowledge test.
How do I get the CTO test prep?
I don't see CTO on the description / list of tests for your FAA ATP test prep app.
What content is included in the CTO prep?
Realistic Questions and Content
Charts and Figures?
Printouts and Reports
Bulk Purchase Questions (GroundSchool - FAA Test Prep Specific)
What is GroundSchool FAA test prep? Can I try a demo?
Yes, these preps are current for 2023-2024 and beyond!
What is the "Audio" checkbox next to each item?
What's the difference between buying bundles vs individual test banks?
Tracking and monitoring of student progress is built in and free for you and your instructors!
Professional Printing and Binding Services
Affiliate Program Questions (General)
What is the affiliate program?
How can I incentivize people to use my links?
What will the payout be? Will my visitors get a discount?
I am not interested in being an affiliate. Can I get a discount code?
What is the affiliate payout?
How will I get paid?
Should I sign up as an affiliate just to make a few bucks off of a personal order?
Will I get an affiliate commission on iPhone/iPad, Mac, and/or Android purchases?
Can I make an affiliate commission by being your "point man" within our organization?
Are there any other particular requirements?
Doubling up on affiliate / promotions?
Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions from MyCommerce
Ready to Sign up?
Bulk Purchase Questions (Safelog Pilot Logbook)
Tell me about bulk purchase of Safelog Pilot Logbook licenses
FAA 14 CFR Part 91, 91, 117, 121, and 135 Currency Tracking
14 CFR Part 61: FAA Currency (General)
14 CFR Part 117: Flight and Duty Limitations and Rest Requirements (Flight Crewmembers
14 CFR Part 121: Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations
14 CFR Part 135: Commuter and On-Demand Operations
FAA Night Vision Currency 14 CFR 61.57
Safelog can automatically generate FAA Form 8710 / IACRA
You can add your own custom currency rules
FAA Flight Reviews (BFR) and Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC)
FAA Form 8710 / IACRA Auto-Generation
Night Vision Goggles (FAA 14 CFR 61.57(f)) and EVFS (Enhanced Flight Vision System) currency
EASA Block and Duty Time Currency Tracking (PART-FCL)
Transport Canada (TCCA) Recency / Currency Tracking
CASA Australia Recency / Currency Tracking
SACAA South Africa Recency / Currency Tracking
Importing from any of 86 third-party eLogs (Log10Pro, ForeFlight, MCC, LogbookPro, etc).
Importing from Airline / Company roster and scheduling systems: AIMS, CrewDock, Sabre, and many more.
Importing from Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet?
Does your Excel (or CSV) File come from a major third-party source?
If you have a homebrew or other Excel file not handled by the above ...
Importing from a CSV, TSV, or Text file
Converting Transport Canada Pilot Licenses to USA/FAA or vice versa
Requesting a fully automated importer for your airline or company.
Fully Automated Importer Support for your Company/Airline
Automatic Data Import Support for your Airline/Company
Audio Mode ('Learning by Listening'): What it is and how to get it.
Reference Figure Image Issue?
Progress Monitoring for Instructors and Schools is built-in and free!
Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot Bonus Program (Free Subscription Extentions!)
What is the Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot Program
What bonus can I get?
Are there any limits to the number of people that I can invite or the bonuses that I can receive?
Does it matter what your "invitee" purchases
So, my invitee gets a bonus, too?
Are there certain cases where I won't get credit?
Can I transfer my 'bonus' extension to somebody else?
How does Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot work?
Will I get a bonus if my subscription has expired?
Can I buy a Safelog subscription for somebody else?
I have further questions.
Reordering Logbook Fields
What language are the plates in?
Message about not being able to write to a temp file?
Bulk and Site License Purchases for Your School or Company
Sport Pilot, Sport Pilot Instructor (Sport-CFI), Sport Pilot Examiner
FAA Aircraft Dispatcher (ADX) Knowledge Test Prep?
FAA Flight Engineer Test
Relief Pilot, Cruise Pilot, Check Pilot, and Other 'Supernumerary' Fields
Trouble Syncing?
When I try to view a plate, nothing happens or I get a 'white window.'
Switching between tests or test groups
Change Name/Info on logbook cover?
Getting a 'Please Wait ...' message when attempting to use certain features
Demo version limitations
Safelog Pricing?
Having Trouble Purchasing?
The Dauntless FCC Test prep apps do NOT provide explanations to the material.
How to Restore Audio Purchases
How is Dauntless GroundSchool better than the rest?
Are explanations provided?
Which platform is best to study on?
Making bulk or mass changes to your logbook
Mass Actions
Grid Edit
Re-Run setup wizard
Attaching Photos to Flight Records
Safelog has a very comprehensive (73,696 records) and regularly updated Airport / Heliport Database
Aircraft database in Safelog?
Which FAA Tests Can I study For? How Many questions are there?
How many questions are in the audio version of the test prep?
Are the questions broken down into study areas?
Converting Transport Canada Pilot Certificates to FAA ones (or vice versa) ...
Reordering Logbook Fields
Safelog features 32,705 airline and company logos
Military Competence (Military to Civilian) Test Prep
FAA Drone / UAS / UAV / Part 107 Knowledge Test
How to Get RideReady
Why are Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Helicopter one unified product?
Trouble Logging in to SafelogWeb.com
How to create an aircraft CSV file for import
Updating Your Personal (Contact) Details
Lost / Not Working / Never Received Activation code
Installing on multiple devices
How does this online help desk system work?
Bulk and Site License Purchases for Your School or Company