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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
FAA Aircraft Dispatcher (ADX) Knowledge Test Prep?

Yes! Our GroundSchool series of FAA Knowledge test preps can you prepare for your ADX (FAA Airline Dispatcher) test. They are inexpensive and effective and thousands of dispatchers have passed their tests thanks to our stuff. Our prep is 100% what you need to pass the FAA ADX knowledge test.

Our FAA ADX written test prep material is part of our FAA GROUNDSCHOOL AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT program. This is because the ADX questions are mostly a subset of the airline transport pilot questions.

To prepare for the ADX written test, you'll want to get our GroundSchool FAA Airline Transport Pilot tests.

Our ATP test prep contains prep for a number of tests. ADX is one of them. When you select the ADX test inside our ATP test prep, it will ask you only the questions that are pertinent to dispatchers. If and when you purchase our ATP prep that includes ADX, you're NOT paying for anything you don't need - we just bundle similar tests into one package for distribution efficiency. To put it another way, we don't sell any app that is "just" ADX and if we did, the price would not be cheaper than the ATP "package." Remember: one you start our app and select the ADX prep, you will be presented ONLY with material that our editorial board has determined applies to the ADX test.

To download the software or to get the app for the platform of your choice or to learn more, please visit one of the following two links:

if neither of the above links are working for you, then visit https://www.dauntless--soft.com, click on 'groundschool' and then follow the links to the airline transport pilot page. Preparation for the ADX test is available within our GroundSchool - ATP apps.

Many people who are preparing for their ADX test use our apps. This includes both people who are enrolled in some ADX course and those who are exempted. Why? Because, simply, our inexpensive software is the most efficient and best way to LEARN THE MATERIAL and BE READY FOR THE TEST. There's no way around it - if you want to be an FAA-certified dispatcher, you will need to prepare for and take the ADX written (knowledge) test. Even if you are enrolled in some course, this will mean some serious home study, and there is no better way to prepare for this than via our software. If you want to be an FAA-certified dispatcher, then you almost certainly would benefit very highly from our software and other ADX test prep materials as have hundreds of dispatchers before you.

Are you looking for something else?

  • We provide the world's best FAA Airline Dispatcher STUDY MATERIALS (mostly software).
  • However, we are not a dispatcher school. As we are not a dispatcher school, we do not provide graduation certificates or signoffs.
  • To take the actual test, contact a testing center. Please see our FAQ at www.FAATest.com/FAQ for more info on testing centers.
  • We do not know if you personally need to sit in a formal dispatcher school. This varies highly by individual based on education, experience, and so forth. Please contact your local FAA Flight Service District Office (FSDO) where a specialist can help you with such questions.

Sometimes, future dispatchers contact us with a range of issues. If this sounds like you, the below is intended to help you get where you want to go:

  • There are absolutely no circumstances under which you need to send us any bit of paper such as a graduation report from a school, your 'personal file', a copy of any official documents or identification, or so forth. Again, we are NOT a school and we are not a testing center. We simply provide the world's best test prep materials. We're stating this quite strongly since it worries us a bit when people send out all sorts of really personal documents, unsolicited as has been done a few times in the past.
  • You can not enroll in our classroom course since we are not a school.
  • It is not possible to take the actual test online. Please contact one of the testing center companies if you want to schedule your test - www.catstest.com or www.lasergrade.com.
  • If you have questions about becoming a dispatcher, CONTACT THE FAA via your local FLIGHT STANDARDS DISTRICT OFFICE. Helpful FAA personnel are standing by to answer career related questions.
  • If you have questions about converting your non-USA/FAA dispatcher license to an FAA one, please contact the FAA IFO (International Field Office). You can find the contact information for this by typing 'FAA International Field Office' into your favorite search engine.

We hope this answers your question(s). If it doesn't, feel free to submit your ticket below.

Remember, we'll happily answer questions on ADX topics that we know about - we are ADX knowledge (written) test preparation experts. However, beyond preparation for the written test, we do not provide career counseling for ADX candidates nor are we an ADX school, so please contact the appropriate organization (usually the FAA, an ADX school, or a test center) for relevant queries.

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