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 Dauntless Software Employment Opportunities Dauntless Software

  • Who are we? We are Dauntless Aviation (Dauntless Software), a small company that specializes in creating quality aviation (and other) software.
  • Learn about our products before applying. If you want to apply for one of our positions, it is an EXCELLENT idea to spend a bit of time learning about our website and our products first. Candidates who clearly have shown enough interest to actually go out and learn about our products tend to impress us far more than those who "haven't gotten around to it yet." For best results, start at www.dauntless-soft.com and take a good look around. It is highly recommended that you download and try our demo software if it seems that it might be related, however tangentially, to the position you are applying to. We tend to like people with whom we can have an intelligent discussion about our products and who seem to "get" what we're about.
  • We do not have flying positions. We are not an airline nor are we a flight department. A troublingly large number of "professional" people seem to be set on automatic mode where if they see the word "aviation" and "jobs" that they throw their resume at us blindly. Look - I'm sure you're a wonderful and talented 737 first officer. Unfortunately, our company is not yet of the size where we have our own personal 737 and so if you send us a resume with a cover letter asking for a flying job "with our airline", we'll basically just laugh at you while being a bit irked at you for wasting our time and hoping that your powers of observation are a bit better when you're in the cockpit.
  • That said (and this is important!) because we're a small company and often have part-time positions, we don't mind if you send us a resume that is clearly tailored for a flying position. In fact, if you have a ready-made CV/resume, there's absolutely no need to tailor it for us specifically. We really don't mind. However - we certainly do expect a cover letter (body of email) that clearly addresses us and the specific position being offered.


Canada Aviation theory test content author wanted

Authors Wanted! - We are currently looking for qualified aviation authors (maybe you or an instructor that you might know?) to develop high quality ORIGINAL aviation content (basically, questions, answers, and explanations) for future Canadian Commercial Pilot Aeroplane and ATP versions of our theory exam preparation products. Interested parties should send the following in an email to jobs(at)dauntless-soft.com:
  • A statement of interest, including a brief bio which convinces us that you indeed have the background to credibly undertake such a project
  • Your proposed outline of the chapters/content that your question sets will cover and the approximate total number of questions in each
  • At least 10 sample questions, complete with 1 correct answer, 3 credible 'distractor' answers, and a detailed, intelligent explanation. At least 1 of the sample questions must include a chart or figure to reference, and at least 3 of the samples must include figures or diagrams in the explanations. While any charts (performance charts, navigational chart excerpts, etc) you provide should be "good to go" based on scanned originals, your illustrations to answering questions need not be more than rough sketches as our designers will improve upon these.
  • A proposal of the time-line to completion, including milestones for numbers of questions / chapters done by certain date(s).
  • Your renumeration request. Please note that our budget here is quite limited, though besides what we can afford to pay you, you will also have the satisfaction of helping flight students while we will of course provide you with personal promotion and references that might otherwise help your career.
We appreciate that we are asking quite a lot from applicants, but otherwise in our experience "tire kickers" become an issue. Hence, we ask you to get a feel for the actual work involved so that you can see if it is for you.

In addition to Canadian Commercial Pilot and ATP aeroplane titles, we also welcome proposals along generally similar lines from others who think they have a good idea, again, with a credible proposal/schedule and sample of work.

We look forward to hearing from you!







We're currently in the process of developing some new aviation training software that will help pilots better prepare for licenses and ratings such as the FAA private pilot, instrument rating, commercial pilot, and so forth. We'd like to find somebody who can help us develop high quality original content to this end (though the content certainly can draw even heavily upon FAA and other public domain sources). This requires excellent aviation knowledge, excellent spoken and written English, and a high degree of familiarity and experience with tools such as MS-Powerpoint and, highly preferably, Adobe Photoshop.

This is a wonderful position for somebody to do in their spare time, but it does nevertheless require a substantial time commitment to get the project done. The project will likely take a few months to do, though the specifics will depend on your work rate. This is a work-from home fixed-term contract position. If the project goes well, it may follow-on into similar, related projects.

While the exact details are not yet set and there are many possibilities within the sphere of discussion here, consider broadly that you will be working on (initial) IFR (Instrument Rating) Training materials for airplane pilots.

Because of the sensitivity of new product development, not all details of the project are shared below, but they will be shared, as appropriate, with shortlisted candidates.


Intellectual Property Notice

Please understand that this project involves the creation of original content and that the rights to any and all content so created in the course of this project will be fully vested in (transferred to) us (Dauntless) and that you will give up any and all intellectual property claims to material so created. In other words, you're writing and creating stuff for us which we will subsequently "own" on an unlimited basis.

The author (you) will certify that the material created is original work or otherwise incorporates public-domain and/or other non-copyrighted or otherwise restricted materials.



  • Must have current aviation knowledge sufficient for the task at hand. This does not necessarily require CFI experience, but this would certainly not be a bad thing. Experience having developed and taught aviation ground schools would be super. If you don't know what adverse lift is or what the -A in the title of a VOR-A approach plate means without needing to look something up then this position is likely not for you.
  • You must be able to write accurately yet engagingly and relevantly. Do you think you can teach somebody about, for example, aviation weather, without putting them to sleep?
  • You must be capable of working quickly and independently in the development of high quality learning content. You will certainly get some guidance from us and we will be at your beck and call to assist and give ideas, but at the end of the day, we want somebody who can largely work independently, can devote considerable hours to this sooner rather than later, and who can be incredibly productive in those hours. Mental picture: late nights and caffeine while your better half is asleep.
  • The project will involve regular 'status checks' and discussions with our senior editor to ensure that the task is going as expected.
  • The materials you will develop will take this basic form:
    1. First, you will develop an outline for the course that you are tasked with. While, subject to further refinement, this will list the chapter, subchapters, topics, and subtopics that your material will cover.
    2. Then, you will write (in Microsoft Word or an equivalent technology) a script for the material.
    3. From there, you will turn the script into a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation (or, more specifically, several presentations). The number of slides to be created will easily be in the hundreds and are to be done in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 (pptx). We will consider applications from those who only have Office 2003 as well. The presentation will be HIGHLY HIGHLY GRAPHICAL, making heavy use of images and videos and will certainly not be a dead set of bullet-pointed pages as in a standard PowerPoint business presentation. We will share more of what we have in mind with shortlisted candidates, but the point is that this position requires dealing not with just written but also graphical content. The chosen author will have access to our substantial library of aviation graphics but is also expected to have the Photoshop and related skills to develop some on their own or at least to modify existing graphics as necessary.
    There are a few more details to this, of course, but we will share these only with shortlist candidates. However, the point here is that you must be very capable of working with Microsoft PowerPoint to do this position.

In short, this position requires both aviation knowledge and solid technical skills. Both means both - no exceptions.



  • Although we didn't mention it above, it will be assumed that you have a solid background in airplanes. Experience in other aircraft types, especially helicopters, may be considered a plus, but is not a requirement.
  • Experience with both traditional GA aircraft (1970s spam cans, etc) and aircraft with modern glass-cockpit avionics (Cirrus, etc) is certainly a good thing.
  • Knowledge of basic HTML would be nice, though I can't imagine somebody who knows Photoshop but doesn't have at least a working knowledge of HTML at this point.


Where can you be based?

We really don't mind, as long as you regularly have access to a PC with a fast internet connection. This position is literally open to anybody, anywhere, who brings the right set of skills to the table, though there is a general feeling that such as person will likely be a US Citizen. We are 100% an equal opportunity provider and do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other medieval nonsense.

It's ok if you have another 'day' job while doing this job. In fact, we kind of expect you to, unless you happen to be between jobs. If you're between jobs, we will need rock solid assurance that you can complete the project even if you find yourself called away to another position.



Please give up any thoughts about getting rich from this project. You'll be fairly compensated as an author - you won't get rich. We're a small company with limited resources. However, we do offer you the ability to supplement or bridge your income otherwise by working at home under highly flexible conditions. If things go well, you'll become a published aviation author. If you're considering this job purely from a financial standpoint, stop. Yes, hopefully we can come to a reasonable and fair sum for you to do the project once we explain to you (shortlisted candidates) more specifically what we're looking for. However, if you aren't driven in large part by your desire to share your aviation knowledge, then things are unlikely to work out well. The total value for this project is likely to be in the "a few thousand dollars" range, depending on the scope and quality that we agree that you do.

To ensure fairness for all involved, we may request that we handle the mechanics of payment and formal contracting through a third-party service. This will be discussed with shortlisted candidates - the benefits to both parties will be clear.


To apply:


  • a CV/resume
  • a note explaining why you should be considered for this position
  • your contact details, including, crucially, your phone number and when is a good time to call to:

If you're not ready to apply, but have a few questions first, ask them at the email address above.


We regret that we can only respond to shortlisted candidates. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Australia PPL (CASA Australia) theory test content development partner wanted!


As you may have seen from our GroundSchool series of software (including GroundSchool FAA, GroundSchool Canada, and GroundSchool JAA), we have the ability to produce high quality aviation test preparation materials on a number of platforms. In addition to the PC and mobile device platforms currently available, this will soon be expanded to web, iPhone, and possibly other delivery.

We are seeking an Australian partner who is interested in developing high quality aviation theory test (and other learning) software for Australia. Such a partner might be an individual author / flight instructor and/or an established flight school or similar organization with numerous human resources that can work on the task.

We'd do all the nitty gritty technical bits - you provide the aviation expertise. We even have a powerful and fully operational back-end authorship system in place allowing for easy development and maintenance of such content.

If you or your organization is interested in such content, please write an email of introduction / enquiry and send it to:

We look forward to hearing from you!



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