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Welcome to Dauntless Aviation! Safelog - The World's Most Trusted Pilot Logbook System Ace your FAA written test! Be confident and ready for your Checkride Oral Exam! SimPlates 70,000+ IFR Approach Plates EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep
Prepare for your Transport Canada Private Pilot, Recreational Pilot, PSTAR, and Instrument Rating (INRAT) exams. A range of items both for people who want to convert from Canada to FAA and FAA to Canada. For PC, iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™.

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Sep 26 - Passed the tough CFI written test!
Very happy with the CFI exam prep and the audio downloads for CFI helicopter -- they helped a great deal!
St Charles, IL
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Sep 24 - Another great score!
MJ or Gibraltar Michigan wrote us today with some great news:
I just passed my Commercial Pilot Airplane (CAX) knowledge test with a 96% thanks to your software. This is a great pruduct and a money saver! Keep up the good work!
Congratulations MJ, and good luck on that checkride!
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Sep 19 - 97% on the Private Pilot Written. Awesome!
Thanks for the great software. I passed my FAA written this week with a 97% and felt well-prepared. The way the questions are explained throughout the test prep software is invaluable. I will definitely use this software when I go after my Instrument/Commercial or IA for my A&P.
Lancaster, CA
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Sep 18 - Wow great work on the FAA Private -- from Spain!
I tried out this software for the PPL and I will continue to use Dauntless to prepare any FAA exam in the future. It has proven to be extremely accurate and updated-did not encounter a single question that wasn't in the software. Apart from the fact I scored 97% I think I can say it helped me to fully grasp what the FAA is looking for behind each of their questions. Anything positive you have read about the quality of the explanations and the way the syllabus is set up is absolutely true. Keep the great work up guys!
FAA Private Pilot, Spain
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Sep 15 - GroundSchool Mechanic Success!
Have recently purchased the audio study system for [A&P] powerplant and have enjoyed it greatly. I wish I had purchased the general and airframe as well before I took the tests .... The fact that the program is very versatile where I can adapt it to my own study system is a tremendous benefit that no one should do without, by the way I have other programs but this program is the meat and potatoes by far.
Northwest GA
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Sep 15 - A new private pilot!
I already took my written test in July. Passed it with a 97%, missing only two questions thanks to your software.
SG, Private Pilot
Battle Ground, WA
SG here used our software for both his written test and to prepare for his checkride and passed both with flying colors. You can too!
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Sep 14 - 97% on the IFR written!
I really appreciate your efforts to bring updated questions, current legends and figures to your curriculum. It made my score of 97% on the IRA knowledge test possible.
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Sep 12 - ATP test success!
This is second time I've taken the ATP exam as my 2 years had expired. I had 2 days to refresh the material and I would say that the program is kept very relevant and up to date. As an instructor I will continue to recommend Dauntless_Aviation software. I believe this is the best setup to ensure you actually LEARN relevant material throughout your study, as opposed to simply learning to pass the test.
Longmont, CO
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Sep 12 - 92 on the FII written!
92% on my FII....another excellent test result. Two questions I knew so must have read the answers too quickly, one I talked myself out of the correct answer. ... Regardless, it was a solid pass and I'm very happy. Thanks again!
Albuquerque, NM
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Sep 12 - Aced the Private Test!
I just took the exam this morning and aced it (with the help of your prep course).
Portland, OR
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