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Welcome to Dauntless Aviation! Safelog - The World's Most Trusted Pilot Logbook System Ace your FAA written test! Be confident and ready for your Checkride Oral Exam! SimPlates 70,000+ IFR Approach Plates EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep
Prepare for your Transport Canada Private Pilot, Recreational Pilot, PSTAR, and Instrument Rating (INRAT) exams. A range of items both for people who want to convert from Canada to FAA and FAA to Canada. For PC, iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™.

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May 8 - FOI Great Score!
Scored a 96 on the actual FOI exam this morning. The question bank in the Dauntless software is excellent. I didn't see a question on the actual test that I had not seen before in the simulated exam. The Dauntless product is an excellent product, easy to use, and provides several methods of studying to prepare you for the exam.
Vernon, IA
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May 8 - IFR exam high pass!
This app was very helpful in my studying. Most of my test had questions from this app so I felt really confident once I started the test. There were a few surprise questions as expected but I was able to piece what I learned through this app as well as GroundSchool to score a 93% on my exam.
FAA IFR Student Pilot
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May 8 - Sport Pilot Success!
Took the Sport Pilot ground school test today. The proctor told me I had two hours; I was out in 20 minutes with a high score. This software made all the difference. Question up, answer ready, answer click. Question up, answer ready, answer click. Question up answer ready, answer click. Easy as eating pie!
"Boston Sport Pilot in Training"
Boston, MA
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May 5 - Yet another great score on the FAA private pilot written!
I did fantastic on my written - I think it was only one question wrong. And I used this software almost exclusively to study and prepare.
Anonymous iOS User
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May 5 - Safelog in the field
LM, a Senior First Officer with Continental, wrote us today:
I've been a Safelog user for five years now and have often recommended your product to my fellow pilots. However, I am a bit embarassed to say that I have never really used the features to their full potential. Today, I played around with the Block and Duty Time features of Safelog and was BLOWN AWAY by the depth of features that apply to me as an airline pilot. Safelog's features there are far and away ahead of any other product that I have seen my colleagues use. So, thanks again, guys, and keep up the great work!
A heartfelt thank you, sir to you and the thousands of pilots around the world who trust Safelog.
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May 2 - One of many happy GroundSchool users..
I got a 98%!!! I couldn't be happier. Thanks Dauntless!This software really made studying easy.
LS Bergenfield, NJ
Instrument Rating Airplane
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May 1 - 97% on the Private Pilot Glider test!
97% The app was hugely useful!
GroundSchool Private Pilot User
(anonymous feedback)
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May 1 - A new helicopter CFI in the making...
Just took the exam and got a 98! [GroundSchool] made the test a breeze.
Magnolia, TX
Great work, JC! We're glad we could help with your superb score on the tough flight instructor helicopter knowledge test.
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Apr 29 - IFR Success!
... Your software is fantastic. I recommend to everyone. I have bought both ground and oral portions for both private and IFR. It really helps learn the information (not simply to pass test). The annotations really helps understanding. Ability to track question get wrong is great feature. I just can't say enough good things about program, well worth the price.
GroundSchool IFR User
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Apr 28 - Big and kind thank you from Ohio!
Just wanted you to thank you for the wonderful app that you and your team have created. It is truly the best! Wishing you tons of app. purchases!
Gahanna, OH
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