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CAAC China ATPL Airline Pilot Theory Exam Preparation  CAAC China ATPL Airline Pilot Theory Exam Preparation Dauntless Software
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CAAC Theory
Exam Questions
Regulary Updated
CAAC Questions - Regularly Updated
Our China ATPL theory exam banks very closely mimic those used by the CAAC. While due to the rapidly changing nature of the CAAC tests and the capricious nature of the CAAC test-setting authorities no source can always claim to have 100% current questions, we work in partnership with leading airline training academies in China to bring you as up to date a test bank as is possible. We are the first and as of this writing only English-language source for the difficult NEW China ATPL qestions recently released. We work with a number of flight schools to keep our question banks as up to date as possible and rebuild our databases regularly (most recent or soon upcoming scheduled build: Saturday, July 13, 2024).
Polished User
Saves You Time
Polished User Experience
Our apps feature an intuitive and polished user experience that allow you to make the most of your study time. While this may not seem important at first, over time this can reduce your total stime by hours and hours. Each platform version of GroundSchool - China ATPL features numerous study and learning modes so that you can study in a way that works best for you. This includes the abiility to generate an unlimited number of sample practice papers/tests to study from.
Free Lifetime
Fully Integrated
Free Lifetime Updates
Our GroundSchool China ATPL apps feature free lifetime updates; built in and always available with a few clicks. Compare this to books or our competitor apps, which are becoming out of date from the moment they are printed. Our update system is live connected to the back-end system that our editorial team users: as soon as a new question appears in our database, you can get it.
No Internet
Conn. Needed
Use Anywhere!
No Internet Connection Needed!
Except for obvious things such as the need to have an internet connection when initially getting or later updating the app, you DO NOT NEED TO BE ONLINE to use our apps. The entire question database and all reference charts and figures will be on your device sot that you can study whenever and wherever you are.
Proven and
Trusted System
Used By 1000s
A Proven and Trusted System
We've been providing aviation theory exam preparation materials since 1997. Since then, hundreds of flight schools and tens of thousands of individual pilots have come to use our training materials. When used in conjunction with your textbooks/study notes, it's a proven system that works.
One Time
Life Purchase
Not a Subscription!
Not a Subscription!
You pay one price and the app is yours forever. There are no further recurring subscription or any other charges whatsoever. All that we ask is for your understanding is that you are getting a single-user license for the platform of your choice; you cannot give, lend, or sell our app to anybody else, even when you are done with this. Our competitors, by contrast, largely have "subscription" based plans that cost you a lot more in the long run given how much time it actually takes to study for the exams. With our good-for-life purchase, even after you get your Licenses/Ratings, you can use our app as a brush-up for interviews and currency.
Least Expensive
Serious Prep
Great Value!
Least Expensive Test Prep
We regularly compare ourselves to our copetitors to ensure that we offer great value. We take pride in offering our apps at a very competitive price.
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Right Now.
Instant Access!
Start Learning Now!
Please click on one of the links below to get the app for the platform of your choice. You can download the app and be studying in just minutes, well on your way to passing those exams and fulfilling your aviation goals!
With a Chinese ATPL, you could be a professional pilot flying jets faster and for more money than you ever thought possible!
Welcome to the most trusted CAAC China ATPL exam prep on the web. Our test prep includes every known current question provided by other sites plus many actual questions that they do not have, making this the most complete CAAC ATPL test prep solution, period. Get instant access on the platform of your choice!

Demand for qualified pilots in China is booming. If you're an existing pilot with strong airline pilot credentials, you can in many cases double, triple, or even quadruple your salary by taking on a career with a Chinese operator. If you're a relatively new pilot, flying in China can get you into jets at flight time hour levels where other pilots are flying low and slow in entry level turboprops. And jet time, of course, is what it's all about - in China, you'll typically be able to build it up quickly (and with handsome salary and per-diems) so that if you decide to move on in the future, you'll do so on the strength of a strong aviation resume.

But first things first - to be able to fly professionally in China and be competitive for such jobs, you'll almost certainly need to get your CAAC (Chinese FAA/EASA) ATPL license. And to do that, you'll need to take and pass the Chinese ATPL theory (written) test. Our app will help you do this. The test content is a mix of ATP-level aviation theory and Chinese Air Law, Charts, and other subjects. It's a tough test, and while it's available to be taken in English, the reality is that not all the questions are ideally phrased and the CAAC has a habit of throwning questions a bit randomly. Because we work with airline training schools in China to keep our question bank as up to date as possible, you'll maximize your chances for success with our apps.

World Exclusive! We are proud to announced that YES, OUR TEST BANKS DO INDEED NOW CONTAIN THE 'NEW' TEST QUESTIONS. We are the only test prep provider worldwide to have these new questions, mostly covering Chinese Air Law (CCAR) that previously caused so many test takers so much difficulty. We have them available for you right now, ready to study. To get the new questions, get one of our apps from below and once you have it running perform an update by clicking on 'update' from the main menu of the app. This will download the latest available question sets into your device including the 600 or so tricky new CCAR questions. The new CCAR questions can be identified because they are categorized into study areas beginning with "CCAR:". Because we are the only ones to have these questions, we believe our apps to be a very smart, if not indispensable tool for anybody who is serious about passing their CAAC ATPL tests.

“Thank you! Like you said, the CAAC exams were tricky and some of the questions they asked were a bit hard to understand, but overall your app prepared me very well for the test. I passed with a 96 and am on my way to the left seat of a G-IV based in Shanghai with a great expat pacakge.”
— RL

Yes, we have the NEW questions! As far as we know (and we're pretty certain), ours is the ONLY CAAC ATPL test prep tool that has the new questions in English. Other test prep sources rely on pre-2024 test banks which are now obsolete.
Yes! Our test banks contain EVERY SINGLE ACTUAL CAAC ATPL QUESTION covered by competing websites plus, thanks to official connections that we've earned in China through our commitment to providing a quality product, several hundred questions and question variations that they do not have. We have, therefore, by far, the best and most representative CAAC ATPL test prep bank out there, period.
Explanations! Our app now features explanations to over 1000 of the current questions, including many of the tricky performance, weather, chart, and weight and balance questions. Many of these explanations are illustrated and quite detailed. We continue to regularly add more explanations, too. Even for experienced airline pilots, some of the calculation and performance questions are unique because of specific terminology used by China that is not necessarily world standardized. Over 400 illustrations are included as part of the explanations.
Over FOUR THOUSAND thousand questions representing the totality of the CAAC ATPL question banks (as close as our flight school partners can make it) and covering both general ATP questions and China-specific (China Air Law, Charts, etc). Unbeatable Price! One time purchase - NOT a subscription!
You can be studying in just moments from now. No waiting! All referenced question figures are included. Highest quality figures around!
Free Lifetime Updates / No Expiration Date! Highly customizable study and training interface.
Take an unlimited number of practice tests Polished user experience for efficient, fast learning

Get the Apps!

Our Windows PC App is available on a try before you buy basis - you're free to download the PC demo below and try them on your PC. If you like it, you can purchase an activation code that will transform the demo version into the full version instantly. For other versions,including iPhone/iPad and Android, and Mac you can purchase the apps directly from the official app stores via the links below.
China ATPL theory Exam Prep
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China ATPL for MS-Windows - theory Exam Prep
For MS-Windows (371.95 mb, Jul 7 2024)

China ATPL for iPhone/iPad - theory Exam Prep
for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Compatible Devices

China ATPL for Android- theory Exam Prep
for Android Devices

Click here to get via Google Play Market

China ATPL for Mac - theory Exam Prep
for Mac

If you have any questions, we're here to help!

App screenshots


CAAC Exam Info

  • The CAAC ATPL exam is computer-based. Complete all the questions as you will get marked wrong for any you do not answer.
  • You can't bring anything in to the exam, including calculators. The software at the testing centre as an on-screen calculator. Our PC app also has an on-screen calculator. For other app versions, please simulate this with your personal calculator. The on-screen calculator provided by the testing authorities is simple to use.
  • There is a "mark" feature that you can use to "flag" questions for further review before you submit your exam for grading.
  • You will receive your score immediately after grading.
  • The pass mark is 70%.
The tests are offered at several CAAC offices. Typically, non-Chinese applicants will take the test at the office at PEK (Beijing) airport. Arrive at least 30 minutes early. Bring your passport and two passport photos. Bring other identification as well as your pilot certificates if you can, to be sure. Make sure you bring a pen as well, as you will need to fill out some forms. 2.5 hours (150 minutes) are allowed for the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tests in English?

AnswerYes the CAAC gives you the option to take the ATPL exams in English. That said, occasionally some of the questions are poorly translated from Chinese into English, leading to a bit of ambiguity. The question sets are not as 'clean' as FAA or EASA question sets - you need to be ready for this and expect it. Our exam prep app questions emulate the sometimes stilted English language that you will encounter in the actual test.

I heard the CAAC just updated their questions. Do you have the 'new' questions?

AnswerYes! Our apps now have all or essentially all of the new CAAC questions, including around 600 new CCAR (Chinese Air Law) questions that have stymied so many pilots before. We have had these translated into English designed to emulate the imperfect English that you will see on your actual test and have worked with our airline partners to develop the correct answers for you to study from. As far as we are awware, we are the only test prep source worldwide which offers these new questions in English, making our apps a vital if not indespensible resource for anybody who is serious about passing the CAAC ATPL exam. While our translations may vary a bit from the CAAC questions you see on your actual test, but should be in most cases similar enough to help you study and pass. Please regularly use the update feature from the main menu of our apps to get the latest questions and updates as they become available.

Do you include all possible questions?

AnswerWhile strictly speaking nobody can guarantee that they have all of the questions, and chances are that you will see some new things that the CAAC has capriciously put in there out of the blue, we believe that our prep is far superior to others out there since we uniquely have the new questions, in English that the CAAC is now using. Because we had to translate these from Chinese, our translated questions will likely vary slightly from the CAAC's translations, but our users can typically expect to see very familiar questions on their actual test, including answer choices and correct answers very very similar to if not exactly like in our app. We want to caveat that slightly by noting that the CAAC has been at times known to fire 'bolts from the blue' with updates that nobody can predict and the occasional weird questions from out of nowhere, so there's an element in luck involved in taking CAAC tests that is different from, say, FAA or EASA tests, but in general we are confident that our prep will prepare you far better than any others we know of.

I heard you can just study using an FAA ATP app or book.

AnswerThat's old information that no longer holds true. When the CAAC ATPL tests were new back in the early to mid 2000s, this may have been true. Since then, China has gradually introduced an indigenous question set with much more emphasis on Chinese Air Law and China-specific topics. Hence, a China-specific prep like ours is the way to go.

Will I pass the exam if I use your prep?

AnswerBecause of the caprices and secrecy of the CAAC, every attempt at their exam is, at the time of this writing, a bit like sitting down at the roulette table. You might get a test with questions that make sense entirely on materials covered in our prep, or you might not. As such, the situation is a bit different than with FAA and EASA tests and you need to be prepared for any possible random outcome as far as what you'll see on the day. That said, if you study hard using our prep to the extent that you're ready for rasonable question variations on the basic concepts (for example, know how to read any Chinese approach chart - there's not much to it) you'll have as good of a chance as any of passing. The only surefire way to improve your chance of passing over our test prep is to spend dozens if not hundreds of additional hours studying a dedicated Chinese ATPL textbook. Doable, sure, but probably not worth it. In our experiecne the few people who do fail typically fail by 10 points or less, so it's far more time efficient to just study a bit more using our app and taking the test again. What really sets our apps apart as the smart choice for CAAC test prep study is our polished and efficient study interface and the fact that we work hard to keep the question sets as up to date as possible while other test prep methods and sources we have seen out there are generally using out-of-date infomration.

I am Chinese citizen - can I use your prep?

AnswerYes. Many do.

I don't understand where they get the numbers on the instrument approach plate questions from ...

AnswerWe regularly get feedback from users who are utterly confused by questions pertaining to Chinese instrument approach and similar plates and charts even though as experienced pilots they feel they should be able to figure them out. The answer is surprisingly simple: Chinese plates and charts often have metric values (such as altitude in meters) while the answer choices are in feet and similar units. it is very important that you pay attention to the units in such questions especially as many of the CAAC questions involve unit conversion. You should memorize conversion factors for common unit conversions so that you can do this using your calculator where required.

Please describe the purchase process (PC).

AnswerOur GroundSchool China ATPL PC software is sold on a "try before you buy" basis. This means that you are free to download the software from our website, install it on your PC, and try it out. Before you register (purchase) it, however, the software will be locked in a demo mode in which only 5% of the questions are available. This will be enough to let you get a feel for the software, but not enough to actually prepare you in any serious way for your exams. To unlock the rest of the content, you can visit the order page to complete the order process. When your payment has been made, an unlock keycode will be sent to you via e-mail. You enter this unlock keycode into the software to unlock the full content the test banks of your choice. Thank you for your understanding that due to the nature of the electronic sales process and because the software is available on a try before you buy basis, once the purchase has been made, it is not reversible.

Please describe the purchase process (iPhone/iPad, Mac, and/or Android).

AnswerEach of these app versions is available for direct purchase via the official app store / market for that device. Use the links above to go directly to the app pages in the various app stores.

How long is my purchase good for?

AnswerYour purchase is, in essence, good for life. Furthermore, we allow you to update the app to the newest available version, FREE, at any time. This is of course not a guarantee that 100 years from now we will still be updating the software, but it does say that whenever we do, you will have access to it. To wit, we have users who have been using our GroundSchool FAA (USA) software for more than a decade now with free updates since their original purchase. However, there is a catch: when you purchase this software, it is for your own, personal use only. You may NOT share this with friends, coworkers, etc. Please direct such people to purchase their own copy! We hope that you find this tradeoff to be fair - in exchange for free upgrades and no set time limit, you agree not to share this software inappropriately. Free upgrades means that in the future you can use this software to review or brush up.

What is the price in my local currency?

AnswerThe prices for our apps are listed in USD Dollars. As you go through the order process, you will see in a later screen the actual total price displayed in your local currency. You can pay in (almost) any currency you'd like.

Can I order by Phone, Cheque, PayPal, etc?

AnswerWe offer a wide range of purchase options in your choice of currencies. The SWreg order system allows for a large number of ways to order. To order, for example, by phone, just start the order process online. Then, when you get to the payment stage, it will ask you about payment method - here you will see the full list of choices.

Do I have to be online to use GroundSchool - China ATPL?

AnswerNo, you don't. An Internet connection is only required for initial download of the app and to get updates. So, for example, you can use it to study while sitting in a passenger seat of an airline flight without an Internet connection no problem.

If you have any further questions we are happy to help you via our online helpdesk.

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