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FAQ > Name That Plane
How do I get more aircraft?

The demo version of Name That Plane which you download from our website includes a small set of aircraft. Once you have that running on your PC, you are invited to try the 'update' feature to install a few more. This is basically to show you how the update feature works.

However, at this point you will have only a small subset of the total number of aircraft installed on your PC. To get access to all of them, you must register (purchase) the software. This can be done via the buy now buttons on the Name That Plane page on our website.

Once you have registered the software, you will need to use the update feature again to get all of the available aircraft. As the total size of this download is in the area of 100mb, it will take a little while to download this. However, for most people with reasonably fast Internet connections, usually this should not be take more than, for example, 10-30 minutes at most (and for many much less). If you're still on a dial-up connection, this will take longer, but is still do-able, perhaps overnight or in pieces. Sorry, we do not offer this software on CD-ROM or other physical medium that we can send to you.

You are encouraged to check the update screen from time to time to check for updates anyway, as we are likely to add/change data as time goes on.