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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Requesting a fully automated importer for your airline or company.

Safelog features more data import capabilities that any other eLogbook. This includes both what we refer to as "fully automated importers" and "automatic importers."
  • In our "automatic importers", you upload a file of some sort, our system reads your flights from it, and inserts them into your logbook.
  • In our "fully automated importers", you provide your credentials to our system. Safelog will then periodically log in to your company/airline's rostering/schedule/log system and grab your latest flights. These are indicated in our automatic importer with this symbol:
We're always looking to add more support for as many companies, airlines, and systems.

If you log in to some online system where your roster/schedule/log exists, perhaps we can add a fully automated or automatic importer for you. If you regularly get roster/schedule/log data in some format (other than PDF - those are unfortunately generally useless for machine processing), we very well might be able to add an automated importer for you.

Let's do it!

First, log in at SafelogWeb.com, click on Import/Export then visit some combination of:
  • Automatic Importer
  • Roster / Schedule Importer
  • CSV / Excel / Text importer
Perhaps we already have something that already works for your data? Give it a thorough look. Oftentimes, we support airlines and companies via the name of the underlying technology rather than the airline. Yes, you can even try this in demo mode for free if you are a trial user.

If you're sure we don't support your data but you'd like us to give it a go, please contact us via our helpdesk with the following information:

If your company uses a system that you log in to and your data is there and you feel that we might be able to develop a fully automated importer to help you and others at your company, please send us a message via our online helpdesk with the following:
  • The name of your airline/company
  • The "internal" name by which pilots are your company regularly refer to this system/portal
  • Some idea of the underlying technology of this system, if you know it. To give one example, AIMS is one such well known system. We can quite easily add support for your company's AIMS system as we do for many airlines (plus or minus that some airlines do a few customizations to their systems that may require some tweaks at our end).
  • Important: the URL/web address of the login page for your company's system portal.
We will then get back to you as to how to proceed further. If your system type is unknown to us, we will in all likelihood need to ask for your login credentials and/or those of a demo account that you can arrange via your company for us to program and test against. We've done this many times before. Please do not send these in your initial conversation with us. At first, please just send what we ask for above, and then we can intelligently decide how to proceed based on a number of factors.

Please contact us via our helpdesk with the following information:
  • The name of your airline/company
  • The internal name of the system or app that generated the report
  • The specific name of the report or output within the app
  • The format of the output, if you know it (text file? csv file? xml? database? etc.) Please keep in mind however that we generally cannot read most PDF files as PDFs are not compatible with machine interpretation.
If you can cut and paste a snippet of your file (for example if it's a CSV or comes in email) into the helpdesk message, that would be great. If not, we'll email you directly as applicable and ask for you to email us a few samples so that we can take the process forward.

We endeavor to add support for many formats. However, we can't necessarily guarantee that we will be able to support all formats and systems; we make a rational decision based on applicability, technical complexity, company size, and more.

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