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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Importing from Airline / Company roster and scheduling systems: AIMS, CrewDock, Sabre, and many more.

Safelog has a wide range of tools and partnerships to help import data from major rostering and scheduling systems used by thousands of airlines and other operators.

Safelog features several tools to automatically/and or semi-automatically import your logbook or roster from AIMS, Sabre, Crewdock, and dozens of other airline and corporate scheduling and rostering systems.

This is a partial list of the scheduling systems we support:

Roster Import Services

To get a more in-depth listing and understanding of Safelog's schedule import capabilities please visit SafelogWeb.com .... Import/Export and look through the various tools there as there are occasionally multiple ways to import even the same roster, and the exact one you choose may depend on your exact wants plus any nuances that your specific airline/operator may have. Yes, this can be done even with a trial/demo account.

Safelog's import tools include "native" tools that we have written for quite a few common airline and corporate systems, and also support import via third party partner intermediaries such as:

  • RosterBuster,
  • Roster Import Services,
  • myRoster,
  • Leon
  • and more

Please note that intermediaries may charge a small fee for their services and are not required for all import types, but their offerings should be considered as they provide smooth access to your roster in a number of formats and the connection to Safelog is optimized.

Where does your data go after it's imported? Once your data comes in to Safelog from your airline/roster system, it is routed to your flight log or schedule as appropriate. If you don't see your flights, make sure you do try the logbook|schedule toggle on the main logbook screen as it may have gone to the other place.

Missing data or need to troubleshoot your imports? Safelog takes data from your import provider (roster, schedule, etc) and matches it to fields that you have in Safelog. When users report data "missing" to use, it is normally one of two things happening. Either:

  • The data in question is not being sent from the provider
  • The data is being sent, but given your Safelog configuration, there's nowhere to put it.

If you feel data to be missing, the first thing you should do is see if the data is actually being sent. Often, the problem is simply that your airline or company simply doesn't send a piece of data or it doesn't do so in a machine-readable way. The first thing you should do to track down the source of the issue is:

  • go to SafelogWeb.com ... Import/Export
  • click on Schedule/Roster import
  • click on "Manage Schedules that you have already imported."

There you will see a list of what Safelog has tried to import for you. Find the import in question and look at its raw data

Is the data that you expected to see actually there? That is, has it actually been transmitted to Safelog?

  • If no, please contact your company/airline or your roster intermediary service, as the issue with the data in such cases is clearly before the data gets to us at Safelog.
  • If yes have a look at your logbook setup. Do you actually have a field in Safelog ready to receive the data in question? For example, if you are asking about crew member names, do you have the appropriate crew fields set up under Setup ... Field Setup... Crewmember/People fields? (Please note: in the specific case of crewmembers, where this is provided in non-machine readable format, Safelog will often have no choice but to list these in a group under Comments ... Crew). Finally, if you are sure that the data is arriving and you seem to think you have a place to put it, please contact us and we'll be happy to take a look - import source are tweaked from time to time and occasionally we need to adjust our systems to match. Again, if you use such systems regularly, it may be worthwhile to import into Safelog via an intermediary system as they are often very much on top of such changes.

Calculating derivative fields (day/night, cross-country, takeoffs/landings, etc) after import to Safelog. Safelog will auto-compute certain derivative values from your roster/schedule import where it can. However, because people want different things, where there's ambiguity it is often appropriate to do this yourself. After importing your data, you can go to SafelogWeb.com ... Other Tools ... Mass Actions where you will be presented with a number of tools to auto-calculate things for existing flights given the rules and options that you specify. One common thing to do there is to compute night time for your flights.

US Military Import We support import from major US military systems (both those used in training programs and those used operationally). This includes a maximal conversion of military standard time to FAA civilian equivalents. We support systems used by pilots of all branches of the US military. To learn more about these, please visit SafelogWeb.com ... Import / Export ... Third Party and you will see the list of supported US military systems there. If your particular one is not there, don't panic - we've found that they are often renamed and/or re-packaged, and if you contact us we'll almost certainly be able to point you in the right direction as to how you can get your data into Safelog.

Import from other eLogbooks.

Yes! Getting your data from other eLogs into Safelog is fast and easy.

  • We offer a free transition service to help you get your data into Safelog.
  • We have carefully reverse-engineered the data formats of over 86 third party eLog formats (see the list below) and have figured out how to get your data from them into Safelog.
  • The system has worked well for thousands and thousands of pilots who have come to us from overpromising, underdelivering, overexpensive, or left behind third party logbooks.
  • For a complete rundown of the terms and conditions of the transition process, log in (a demo account is fine) to www.SafelogWeb.com and then select Import/Export ... Third Party. This will also guide to as to what files we require from you in order to process your specific transition.
  • Once we are provided with the requested data files for your chosen format (in most cases this is the third party eLog's data file or CSV output created by the third party eLog), our historical success rate has basically been 100%.
  • You may see other eLogs offering some sort of transition service. Typically, they will at most import your basic log data only. Our service here is far more sophisticated, which results in a smoother transition for you. Our transition tools for common third party logbook formats such as Log10Pro, LogbookPro, ForeFlight, MCC, and many others can not only transition your core logbook data, but also things such as your aircraft, aircraft types, airports, contacts, and much more (specifics vary slightly based on what each third party eLog provides).
  • We also import from dozens of airline and corporate scheduling / rostering systems (AIMS, FLICA, SABRE, CrewTrac, Merlot, and many more). Please go to www.SafelogWeb.com ... Import/Export or elsewhere in this knowledgebase to learn more about this.

Here is a list of third party eLogbook formats that we can transition your data from. This list is always expanding. If you don't see your particular eLog in the list below, please contact our helpdesk and we can discuss adding it.

  • AAirLog (American Airlines, Envoy)
  • AeroLOG – FlightAce
  • AeroLog Pro (Polaris Microsystems)
  • AeroTrax
  • AIMS eCrew
  • Aircrew Logbook by Andersson Digital Design
  • AirLog by AirLogSoftware/LLTSoftware
  • AirLog Plus – StanWare
  • Aloft Pilot Logbook
  • ARINC / ARINCDirect / FOS (Rockwell Collins)
  • AvConnect (AvConnect.net)
  • AviatorSoft eLogbook
  • AvLog / AvLog Pro
  • BidWiz – Steve Buzdygan
  • CAMP Flight Scheduling System
  • Captain's Keeper by Nimblefeet
  • Captain's Log 2000
  • CapzLog.aero
  • Cathay Pacific Logbook
  • Champagne Services Pilot Logbook
  • Cirrus Pilot Logbook by Circumpoint
  • Climb!
  • Cloudy (France)
  • Command Logbook (Australia)
  • CrewLog / Flugbuch / FlightTime.Aero / FlightTime.at (Germany/Austria)
  • CrewLounge (ex-MCC)
  • EASA-Logbook(DOT)EU online Logbook
  • EasyLogbook by Aviation Direct
  • Electronic Pilot Logbook (MS-Access by e-PilotWorld)
  • eLog – cppcentral.de
  • eLog / eLogbook 61 - (ARMS - South Africa)
  • eLogSite (AAG / American Airlines / Envoy)
  • ETA / ETA Pro / Talon (For CAE, etc)
  • ExcelPilotLogbook
  • Flight Log HD by Finkelsoft
  • FlightAware
  • FlightLevel / FlightLevel 2000
  • FlightLog / FlightLogHD (Warbred Studios)
  • FlightLogg.in
  • FltPlan.com
  • Fly & Go (Fly and Go)
  • FlyLogio – Breele
  • Foreflight
  • ForPilots
  • FOS / ARINCDirect by Rockwell Collins
  • FourthStripe
  • IntelliPilot
  • JAA-Logbook(DOT)EU online Logbook
  • Jeppesen FlightLog / FliteLog / MentorPlus
  • Lockr.Aero
  • Logbook Pro
  • Logbook2 (Flightware)
  • LogShare
  • LogTen Pro
  • mccpilotlog
  • MilKeep
  • myControl .aero
  • MyFlightBook
  • MyLog (Airborne Software International)
  • MyOnlineLogbook (Jettsoft)
  • Naval Aviator
  • OffBlock (Germany)
  • OSM Aviation Academy Sweden - PRS (OSM PRS)
  • OwnerLog
  • PC Aviator
  • PFL Pilots Flight Log (TSE Digital)
  • PilotLog (MJICCS Software)
  • PilotPal
  • PilotPartner
  • PilotPro
  • PilotsPal (UK)
  • RosterLog
  • SchedAero
  • SkyLinked
  • SkyLog / SkyLog Pro
  • Talon / ETA / ETA Pro
  • US Army Helicopter Pilot Log (CAFRS) (Form 759)
  • US Army Helicopter Pilot Log (CSV) (Form 759)
  • US Army Log (iPhone/iPad App)
  • US Coast Guard ALMIS
  • US Navy / USMC TIMS
  • Visual FLT Scheme – Bonds
  • VortexLog
  • Xineo
  • ZuluLog
If you represent a 3rd party eLogbook whose best days seem to be behind it, please contact our helpdesk to enquire about our "Smooth Landings" program. We can quite likely come up with a win-win-win solution: for your userbase (who enjoy a nearly seamless transition to Safelog), for you and your peace of mind, and for the Safelog community as our userbase grows. We have in the past worked with several other third party eLogs and the results have been very satisfying to all involved.

, please contact our helpdesk to enquire about our "Smooth Landings" program. We can quite likely come up with a win-win-win solution: for your userbase (who enjoy a nearly seamless transition to Safelog), for you and your peace of mind, and for the Safelog community as our userbase grows. We have in the past worked with several other third party eLogs and the results have been very satisfying to all involved.

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