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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Importing from a CSV or Excel file?

If you have a CSV or Excel file of logbook or roster data that you want to import into Safelog, you're in luck.

Importing a CSV File
If your CSV file comes from a third party eLog, an airline, or rostering system, you may be in luck. We have already prepared code to import hundreds of common formats. Please log in to your Safelog account (you can do this with a trial account if you have not signed up) at www.SafelogWeb.com. Then, click on import/export. From there, you will see a wide range of import options - please find the one that applies to you.
Importing from Excel
In addition to the steps mentioned above, you can convert an Excel file to a CSV file easily in Microsoft Excel. Here's a guide how to do this.

You can also import CSV files (including home-made or custom ones) via our CSV import tools. This is also under SafelogWeb.com ... Import / Export ... CSV Import. Our CSV import tool there is quite poweful indeed. Basically, the process there allows you to match fields from your CSV to fields in your Safelog logbook. The best way to get a feel for this is to give it a try - you can even try it in trial/demo mode. The CSV import tool will accept CSV files with a standard single-line header and any of a number of common separators and text qualifiers. If you have a custom CSV file, the field names in the first row can be anything that reasonably makes sense - for example, "PIC" for pilot in command time. Our wizard is smart and can identify up to dozens of variants that are commonly used for fields, and at any you will confirm and can tweak this further in the matching stage. More complete documentation on using the CSV import wizard and setting up csv files can be found here, though it's often best that you just try the wizard first because it's actually self-documenting and easier than it seems and if you run into problems you can just tweak your files dynamically as needed.

And, of course, our helpdesk is always standing by to help you with any issues or concerns that come up.

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