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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Duplicate Airports, Aircraft Types, and/or People

Yes. Safelog has a number of automated and semi-automated tools to help you quickly identify and mitigate duplicates.

First, try visiting the aircraft, aircraft types, and/or aircraft screens in SafelogWeb.com. At the bottom of the listing for each, you may see a box which contains issues with your data that Safelog has identified. Along with these, where possible, Safelog will prompt you to have these issues auto-fixed, and can direct you to merge duplicates where it suspects there may be soime. You can also merge redundant records by selecting the checkboxes to the left of them and then selecting "Merge..." from the actions drop-down box at top.

Finally, you can also merge records quickly by going to SafelogWeb.com .. Other Tools where you will find explicit merge applets for aircraft types, aircraft, people, and airports. You'll also find a tool there to help you manage company/airline names in your logbook, in case you have duplicates there or if your company name has changed.