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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Transport Canada (TCCA) Recency / Currency Tracking

Safelog has built-in analysis tools to help you maintain currency with Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

For each of your flown aircraft categories (Single Engine Land Aeroplane, Multi-Engine Land Aeroplane, Helicopter), Safelog automatically calculates your currency with regards to:

  • Carrying Passengers: 401.05 (2)(b)(i)(A)
  • Carrying Passengers at Night: 401.05 (2)(b)(i)(B)
  • IFR Flight: 401.05 (3)
and also professional flight time limits:
  • 1200 hours/365 consecutive days 700.15(i)(a) (using either block and/or flight time)
  • 300 hours/90 consecutive days 700.15(i)(b) (using either block and/or flight time)
  • 120 hours/30 consecutive days 700.15(i)(c) (using either block and/or flight time)
  • 100 hours /30 consecutive days crewmember on call 700.15(i)(c) (using either block and/or flight time)
  • 40 hours /7 consecutive days crewmember (acft other than helicopters) 700.15(i)(d) (using either block and/or flight time)
  • 40 hours /7 consecutive days crewmember (helicopters) 700.15(i)(e) (using either block and/or flight time)

You can find the above via Currency ... Transport Canada Currency and Limitations.

  • You can supplement the above rules with those that you may want by regulation or by your company rules by going to Currency ... Custom Currency/Limits/Rules and creating your own.
  • You can choose to pin rules that are of particular importance to you to appear in your dashboard / email summaries.
  • If you think we should have something built-in for Canadian Pilots which we currently don't, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss adding it.

Yes, we have Canada-specific logbook printouts!

Look under Printing / Reports ... Logbook Printouts ... Canadian Logbook Printouts.

  • Safelog Logbook View Printout
  • Canadian Pro Logbook
  • Canadian Pro Logbook w/ Day/Night TO/LDG
  • Canadian Pro Logbook (6 Customizable)
  • Canadian Pro Logbook (9 Customizable)
  • Culhane-inspired Logbook
  • Culhane-inspired Pro Logbook
  • CPS-inspired Medium Logbook
  • Hammond-inspired Student/Private Logbook
  • Hammond-inspired Professional Logbook
  • Hammond-inspired Professional-Wide Logbook