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FAQ > RideReady FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep

Be confident and ready for your next FAA checkride (practical test) oral exam.

RideReady checkride oral exam prep is intended for all pilots who are contemplating taking an FAA Practical Test (more commonly known as a "checkride" ). A practical test is the certificate test that you take with an examiner pilot at the end of your training for a certificate or rating. The checkride (essentially) consists of a flight portion, wherein you are tasked with performing maneuvers that you will have been trained on and an oral portion, where the examiner will quiz you on any of a large number of aviation matters.

RideReady is basically a collection of hundreds and hundreds of realistic and fully ACS-compatible FAA checkride questions and answers. The questions are maintained by an editorial team of professional instructors and FAA designated pilot examiners.

RideReady is available on several platforms. The learning content is exactly the same no matter what platform you choose to get it on.

RideReady's primary goal is to help you be ready for the oral portion of the checkride. As a secondary benefit, it will also to some degree help you study up on the flight maneuvers that you will need to perform as a double-check that your knowledge of those is up to standards. Because this software contains a large question bank, it is also useful not just for checkride applicants, but also for certified pilots who can use it as a lookup and refresher tool.

Yes! RideReady is 100% compatible with FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS).

The FAA Airman Certification Standards is a system through which the FAA:

  1. classifies information that pilots need to know for their practical tests (and written tests, and flight tests)
  2. standardizes the checkride experience to help ensure that pilot checkride experiences are roughly similar from examiner to examiner and that they are comprehensive.
ACS replaces older systems of standardization and classification such as the FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS). What ACS does NOT do is in and of itself introduce new material. The things that you need to know for a given checkride - weather, airspace, aerodynamics, regulations, and so on, didn't change at all when the FAA switched to ACS. In fact, from the standpoint of a pilot taking a checkride, it's basically a non-issue - a bureaucratic reshuffle.

RideReady is 100% ACS compatible. That is to say, we check our question banks against the ACS codes and make sure that we cover all or essentially all of the ACS subject matter and knowledge areas that may appear on your checkride. As RideReady was already comprehensive in its coverage of knowledge areas before ACS, this required little to no change in our question banks. Individual FAA and Designated Pilot Examiners still have fairly wide latitude in what exact questions they ask you within the required ACS subject areas but now with ACS you're far less likely to encounter the two historical problem areas of the examiner system - "too easy" examiners who would rush through oral exams, perhaps for financial benefit, and "too hard" examiners who would quiz applicants on material too far afield. ACS helps rein in both extremes.

It's important to remember that oral exam questions are not knowledge test questions. With good examiners, you're very much having a discussion rather than ticking boxes. A very good applicant will be able to answer questions correctly and also demonstrate the deeper insights and connections that they have come to understand. As such, it is possible for a given question, answer, or discussion to cross the lines of several ACS codes. In a very real sense, you can let the examiner worry about the bureaucratic nuances of ACS codes. This leaves you free to concentrate on the material itself. RideReady helps you do this in a highly effective way.

100% compatible with FAA Airman Certification Standards
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