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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Logging Multi-Sector Days (Multiple Flights per Duty Period)

Safelog fully supports professional pilots flying multiple sectors in a day or duty period.

There are a few ways to log multi-sector days:
  • Just log each flight individually origin to destination or, if you have the "via" field turned on (in setup) origin to via1 to via 2 ... to destination.
  • If you have duty time logging turned on, Safelog presents a tab-like interface on the flight entry screen where you simply create a new tab for each flight within a duty period.
  • If you are logging each flight individually or from different devices, if you enter identical, overlapping, or "touching" (for example: 0900-1200 and then 1200-1500) duty period values, Safelog will intelligently combine these into single duty periods. Try it! It just works.
If you import your roster from an outside source and duty periods are provided, Safelog will intelligently classify these.

Yes, you have full flexibility to log as necessary your legs as PF/PNF using the "Handling Role" field as necessary.

The system is overall quite smart and flexible in this role. We wouldn't say this for everything, but we really suggest here that you give it a try and play with it for a bit and you'll probably find it works just fine for you. If not or you still have questions, we're here for you via our helpdesk.

Remember to look in SafelogWeb.com ... Setup .. Airline Pilot options to turn on various things that professional pilots may want, including duty time logging. Certain analysis / recency / currency checking tools that Safelog has built in require you to log duty time.
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