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FAQ > PilotMorse
My PilotMorse unlock key doesn't work

First, make sure that you have the right key. PilotMorse keys look like this:


Where each X above is a letter or number. So, if you bought the Five by Five / PilotMorse combo, only the part after "PilotMorse: " in your keycode list is the actual PilotMorse keycode.

Next, check to make sure that you are not confusing the letters I and O with the numbers 1 and 0 and so forth. If you cut and paste your code right from the email, this is best.

Lastly, we have come to learn that a small percentage of PilotMorse keycodes that our system is generating are faulty. Sorry about that! There is, alas, no easy way for us to fix this now. If you suspect that yours is faulty, please submit a ticket using this helpdesk system and we will issue a new code to you.

Of course, we will record that both codes have been issued to you in our internal recordkeeping.