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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
Audio Mode ('Learning by Listening'): What it is and how to get it.

The best way to prepare for any FAA knowledge test prep is to use one of our GroundSchool knowledge test prep apps on the platform of your choice. Not only do we have actual and realistic FAA questions and a comfortable and efficient user experience, but our apps also feature the most detailed and illustrated explanations. When you study for any FAA knowledge test, it is vital that you read and understand our explanations. This will help you best be ready both for any unpublished question variants that they FAA may throw your way and, more importantly, will help you learn the material well so that you can operate smartly in real-world aviation.

Most (nearly all) of our FAA test prep apps feature an OPTIONAL audio mode which we call "Learning by Listening." Many people find it useful in addition to their study with the basic app.
  • In audio mode, a human reader reads a stream of questions and correct answers. If you listen to them, this will help implant the correct answers in your brain.
  • This can be a very valuable study supplement. For example, you can listen to this when you are commuting to work.
  • Audio mode covers most but not all FAA questions. Specifically, the ones it does not cover are ones that have a large visual or calculative element. For example, many questions involving performance or navigation charts cannot be usefully done in audio mode.
  • You can see the exact number of questions available in audio mode for a given test here.
For most titles, audio mode is not free. Rather, it is an add-on which you are welcome to purchase if you feel that you can find it useful.

If you'd like to purchase the audio or if you've already purchased it and want to restore your purchases, the process is as follows:

Start the app, click on "Prepare for Knowledge Test" (or similar)
Select the specific test you want to study for and click "Next."
Select the chapters or study areas you want to concentrate on in this session and click "Next."
From the test options screen, select Learning by Listening / MP3 Audio mode.
At this point, if the system has determined that you have already purchased the audio mode, it will start the app in audio mode and you can begin studying. If necessary, it will also prompt you to download any updated audio files from our cloud servers. However, if it does not detect that you have purchased it, you will be presented a screen similar to the one at left. To purchase audio mode, click 'Buy Now' and follow the process. Activation of audio mode is immediate once the purchase process is complete. If you think you already purchased it already for the exact combination of app, platform, and app store user ID that you are currently using / on your device as, click on "restore purchases" and it will connect to the app store to verify your previous purchase. The usual case to do this is if you have just installed our app that you previously used on a different device onto a new device.