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FAQ > Name That Plane
You got some aircraft / image wrong!

If you think we've gotten something wrong, please do the following. First, read through this FAQ. Perhaps your issue relates to something covered here? Second, do an update of the software. Your issue may have already been addressed and it's just a matter that you havenft updated the software yet to reflect this. Finally, to let us know about the issue, please click on one of the report an issue links in this software. This will take you to a web form where you can tell us about your specific issue. Our editors will be happy to look at this and address matters as necessary. We would really appreciate if you would please take care to really verify your idea before submitting it.

Please also recognize that this software has this report issuef feature built in not because it is shoddy, but rather because it is good. Everybody makes mistakes and every product can use refinement. Our system allows us get you the best, most current information to you as quickly as possible.