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FAQ > RideReady FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep
Why are Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Helicopter one unified product?

There are relatively few differences between a Private Pilot Helicopter checkride and a Commercial Pilot Helicopter checkride from an oral exam point of view (of course the checkrides themselves differ in the tolerances expected for the maneuvers, the maneuvers themselves to some degree, the experience requirements to take the checkride, and so forth). Furthermore, for many people (typically already rated in airplanes, for example), a commercial helicopter certificate may be their first in helicopters. In the "Test Options" screen, you can select whether you are studying for the private pilot or commercial pilot checkride and RideReady will make the necessary modifications. (Please note that in the general spirit of RideReady, some 'advanced' questions may appear in the Private Pilot test version, though such questions will typically not be marked as 'crucial.') In short, you get one program for one price that will prep you for either or both checkrides.