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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot Bonus Program (Free Subscription Extentions!)

What is the Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot Program
Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot is a loyalty program available to subscribed Safelog users. Basically, if you tell others about Safelog, you can get free extensions to your subscription. This is a great way for pilots to get the most of their personal subscription.

If you're a flight department, flight school, other organization, or just a group of pilots looking to a great deal on multiple subscriptions to Safelog at once, please check out our Bulk Purchase page. Additionally, you can check out our Safelog Bulk Purchase Frequently Asked Questions.

What bonus can I get?
Subscription Duration
(The Initial Subscription the other person buys)
Inviter Bonus **
(This is You)
Invitee Bonus
(This is the other person)
1 year2 months2 months
3 years6 months6 months
5 years1 year1 year
10 years2 years2 years
Lifetime4 years*

* Since the invitee has purchased a lifetime license, we cannot extend it further. However, the inviter receives a generous 4 year extension.

** If you already have a lifetime Safelog license, we cannot extend your subscription further. However, what we will do in this case is multiply the bonus of the invitee by 1.5 times. So, for example, if you have a lifetime subscription and your invitee buys a 5 year initial subscription, your subscription status will not change, but his/her subscription will be extended by 1 year and 6 months instead of the usual 1.

Example: Let's say your subscription expires on January 15, 2028 (it probably doesn't - check your 'My Account' page for your actual expiration date). You invite John via this system and he purchases a subscription at the 5-year price, today. John's subscription will be set to expire 6 years from today (5 years + the one bonus year). Your subscription will also be extended by one year to expire on January 15, 2029. If Mary, who you also invited, comes along and purchases a 3-year subscription, your subscription will be extended by 6 months to July 15, 2028.

Please note that the table above is subject to change without notice. The exact bonus that you and your invitee will receive will be the bonus that is active in this table at the exact time of their actual initial purchase.

Are there any limits to the number of people that I can invite or the bonuses that I can receive?
There are no limits per se. You can even have an 'anonymous' sign up link such as in a banner that you can put into your forum posts, web page, and the like that if people click on you can get credit. For each legitimate new Safelog user that you invite and who signs up, you'll get an extension to your Safelog subscription. So, if several people sign up thanks to your invite, your subscription will be extended every time.

Does it matter what your "invitee" purchases
The invitee must become a new, paid Safelog user, which means at a minimum he/she must become a user of Safelog for a period of one year or more. It doesn't matter if the invitee purchases their Safelog subscription via SafelogWeb.com or via our PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Android apps. The systems are all tied together. The key is that they sign up for a paid account.

So, my invitee gets a bonus, too?
Yes, they will also get a bonus on their initial subscription (as per the table above). However, there's the key - it will be on their initial subscription only. So for example, if they purchase a 3 year subscription at first and then purchase a 10 year extension three years down the line, both you and the invitee will only receive a bonus (per the table above) for the 3 year initial subscription. If you know the invitee personally, you might try gently convincing them to go for a longer initial subscription for a mutual win-win :).

Are there certain cases where I won't get credit?
Yes. There are a few:
  • While it is certainly ok to reasonably post to blogs, send emails, and so forth to invite others into this service and so to earn bonuses for yourself, it is NOT OK to spam or to use other means that are generally considered to be in violation of good internet etiquette (netiquette). If we find that you have been engaging in such practices (probably because somebody complains to us), your account will NOT be credited and/or credit given will be reversed should it be revealed that this was due to some inappropriate activity.
  • You will NOT get credit if the user is already a Safelog user or has been at any time in the past. "Pilot Tell a Pilot" exists to bring new users into the system.
  • You will NOT get credit if somebody invites a person after you and that person signs up, even if you originally invited that person. So, if you invite [email protected] on Jan 1, and then on Jan 15th other Safelog user Tom invites [email protected] and then on Feb 1 [email protected] becomes a new Safelog user, you will NOT get credit for this referral. If you are concerned that somebody is "sniping" people that you know, snipe them back by checking your list above often. We basically had to choose a policy one way or another with regards to what would happen if more than one person invited the same 'new' person. After a bit of discussion and deliberation, we decided that this 'most recent invitation gets the credit' policy is the most fair, so that's what it will be.
  • To get credit, the new user MUST use the email address that you have made on file for them. So, if you send an invitation notice to [email protected] but he signs up with his [email protected] account, you will not get credit. We will NOT go back and manually adjudicate such claims, sorry. However, we will make as clear as possible to all involved what this policy is. It is in the invitee's best interest to do this properly, as he/she will miss out on their extra credit, otherwise.
  • You will not get credit (or will have any granted credit removed retroactively) if the inviter's purchase turns out to be fraudulent, refunded/cancelled for any reason. In our experience, this is very rare, but, well, this is the Internet, and these things can happen.
  • You will not get credit if you attempt to 'self-deal.' This means, for example, that you may not purchase another account for yourself, get the bonus for that account, and then transfer your flight data to that new account. It' a bad idea on many levels and you WILL NOT BE CREDITED with it once we figure out what you have done. Please understand that as we understandably take a very dim view of this, we further will be able to extend at best very little and most likely no free technical support to you if you have questions pertaining to or make a mess of moving your data from one account to another. So, just don't do it! If you want free extensions to your subscription, a much better strategy is for you to use the Pilot-tell-a-Pilot system to invite other legitimate third parties to join Safelog as paid users.

Can I transfer my 'bonus' extension to somebody else?
Sorry, no.

How does Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot work?
In a nutshell, people are added to your list of potential invitees via the Pilot-Tell-a-Pilot page on Safelogweb.com.

This happens in one of two ways - either you invite somebody directly (via a link above) or indirectly, such as by making a link on an internet forum that somebody clicks on. In the former case, let's say [email protected] is your friend. Using a link above, you invite him to try Safelog. This adds him to your 'list'. Once somebody is in your 'list', if they become a (1) new (2) paid (3) Safelog user (and do so using this email address and subject to other terms and clarifications on this page), once they purchase the initial subscription, both you and they will receive bonuses as described elsewhere on this page. In the latter case, you can invite others such as by making web links, banners, and so forth. Once a user clicks on one of those, they will be told of the general outlines of this program and prompted to enter their email address. If they do so from your link, this person will be added to your list. Note: when they do this, they have the option of hiding their identity from you if they so choose. Even if they do this, however, they will still be on your list (albeit in obscured form). Once they are on your list, the basic process is identical to the former case described above. There is one third way of also getting credit via this system. You can directly buy a Safelog subscription for somebody you know. See the question below.

Will I get a bonus if my subscription has expired?
No you will not. Neither you nor the person you invite will receive a bonus if your account has expired (or is otherwise not in good standing) when the other person signs up for a paid account. You must be an active (paid) Safelog user in good standing to participate in this program. It is not possible to extend / renew expired accounts via this program. There will be no exceptions to this rule, even if your account expired one day or one minute before. The determining factor as to whether you and the other person get a bonus will be whether your subscription is in good standing and not expired at the instant that the other person signs up for a paid account. This is a fully automated system that will check your standing when the other person signs up for a paid account.

Can I buy a Safelog subscription for somebody else?
Yes, absolutely. If you're not there already, log in to SafelogWeb.com, click on "Pilot Tell a Pilot", and click the links nearer the top of that screen.

Or, if you're looking to purchase Safelog subscriptions in bulk for a group of pilots at a great discount, try our bulk purchase pages.

I have further questions.
No problem! We'll be happy to hear from you via our helpdesk. Please remember that the terms and conditions on this page are subject to change without notice and that this program may be cancelled or modified at any time. Dauntless Aviation reserves all rights with regards to this program, including, potentially, the right to exclude specific individuals from it. While we will always try our best to be fair with all users in case of disagreement or dispute, we reserve the right of final judgment in any and all disputes arising from this program.