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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Importing from a CSV, TSV, or Text file

How to import a CSV

There are many paths to getting your flight data into Safelog. If you read no further than this paragraph, just go to www.SafelogWeb.com ... Import / Export and then either Automatic Importer or CSV importer and give it a try. Our systems are really smart and can understand a wide variety of formats. If you haven't yet, we suggest that instead of reading all of this text, you first just give it a try... it just might work. You can even try such imports with a free demo/trial account.

If you're coming to Safelog from a non-supported 3rd party logbook or if you have your logbook in a 'homebrew' Excel (spreadsheet) format, then importing via CSV is a convenient and fast way to get your data in. CSV is a generic neutral format for data exchange. Most eLogbooks (including Safelog) have the ability to export your flight data into a CSV. Additionally, it is quite easy to convert log data stored in Excel to a properly formatted CSV file.

Once your data is in a properly formatted CSV format it, you can import it to Safelog using Safelog's CSV import wizard. The wizard can be found by logging in to SafelogWeb.com, clicking on import/export, and then clicking on CSV importer.

Here's the information you need to get started:

With your CSV file in hand, what you'll want to do is import your data using our powerful CSV import wizard. To access the wizard, log in to SafelogWeb.com (ideally from a full sized PC or Mac and not from a mobile device), click on import/export, and then CSV import. There is a lot more information and help within the wizard itself to get you going. Additionally, there is a video there that shows you the field matching process. You can go view that now if you think that will be helpful.

Have you gotten CSV file(s) back from us after using the Safelog Transition service? If we have sent you back new CSV files after you have participated in the Safelog Transitions service, then this page only partially applies to you and you might not need it at all. We typically send back two CSV files to such people (one for flights, one for aircraft) though in some cases there is only one file. If this applies to you, you are welcome to read through the below, of course, though some of it may be more than what you need. In some cases, however, you may find this useful as you may want to clean up your CSV files a bit due to deficiencies in the data or because you want some additional data or configuration that was not available natively in your old 3rd party eLog. At any rate, if you just got such CSV files back from us, try importing them, taking care to import the AIRCRAFT file first (if you were given one).