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Bulk Purchase Questions (GroundSchool - FAA Test Prep Specific)

What is GroundSchool FAA test prep? Can I try a demo?
We're Dauntless. Our GroundSchool series of FAA Knowledge test preps are widely regarded to be the best way to prepare for FAA knowledge (written) tests. If you are used to the old-school books and apps of G****, A**, J******, K***, and others, congratulations - you've found something better here. Our preps are complete solutions offering today's student everything they need to take and pass their knowledge test - pilot, mechanic, drone, and others. Our preps present a polished and efficient study interface for maximum student satisfaction in minimum time. Most importantly of all, we have the best explanations and supplemental learning material in the business, by far. This means that we, you, and your student can all sleep well knowing not just that that they have a great chance of passing their test if they study hard, but also that they'll deeply learn and meaningfully internalize the learning content. Over the years, many hundreds of thousands of people have passed their tests using our preps. To learn more about GroundSchool, we suggest that you do one of the following:

Yes, these preps are current for 2024-2025 and beyond!

We've got you covered! With us, you simply don't need to worry about having old stock (as you might with competitors' books or packaged software with last year's date on it) It is simply a non-issue with us - we make the whole process simple for all involved with our generous free lifetime update policy for individual users. Our prep materials are continuously updated by our editorial team. When a user downloads our prep to their device, they simply use the in-app update feature whenever they like (plus the system will prompt them do it if it detects that there are important updates) to get the latest and greatest content. This means that if you buy our licenses in bulk, you don't need to worry about them going "out of date."

When you sell or give a keycode code to a user, you are giving them a lifetime personal license to the prep for the platform in question and the student will have access to the latest prep content from our editorial team on that platform at no extra charge. As aviation professionals, this also helps us sleep well a night knowing that there are generations of pilots who use our preps not just to pass their initial tests, but later in their careers as a review/refresher tool while always having access to our latest and greatest content. Since the software, once registered, is locked to that individual forever, we all pretty much don't have to worry about 'lost sales' or anything similar. Again, our system really is the best for all involved.

What is the "Audio" checkbox next to each item?
Our PC FAA test prep apps are amazing products that contain everything that a given student might need to study for and pass a given FAA knowledge test. They have a polished and slick user interface and regularly updated content.

Audio mode is an OPTIONAL add-on to the base software. What this enables is a mode in the software where the students can listen to the questions and answers (and occasionally, a little commentary) being read by a human narrator. This is VERY popular - many students really love it as it lets them passively listen to the material. It can be a real turbo-boost to study as such listening can often be done passively, perhaps while doing other daily tasks. However, while it is popular and effective, it is purely optional.

If you check the Audio checkbox next to a given GroundSchool FAA test prep product, the keycodes that will be generated for you will activate not just the basic software for the tests selected, but also the optional audio mode. If you do not buy this, the audio mode will be locked in the software (and any users will have the option to buy this themselves directly through us should they so choose).

We highly recommend the audio mode. Just a few things about it though - please remember that it's an optional add-on to the core study app. Certain questions, such as those with large calculative or visual elements (chart interpretation, etc) are NOT included in audio mode. Moreover, there are basically no explanations in audio mode - only questions and answers.

Click here to learn more about audio mode. Make sure you view the video above or on that page.

What's the difference between buying bundles vs individual test banks?
To answer this question, let's look at a concrete example: buying a "2-test bank bundle" consisting of Private Pilot + IFR compared to buying Private Pilot and IFR individually as single test banks.

Basically, if you buy the bundle, you'll get one keycode per bundle. So, if you buy 50 Private+IFR 2-test bank bundles, you'll get 50 codes. If you buy 50 Private and 50 IFR individually, you'll get 100.

The main advantages of the bundle way is price and simplicity. With regards to price, bundles generally work out a bit cheaper than buying the titles individually. With regards to simplicity, if you have a student or customer that you know will need to study for both the Private and IFR (in this example), you just give them one code and you're done. We particularly recommend that Mechanic/AMT schools who generally know that their students will need to take all 3 of the General, Airframe, and Powerplant tests purchase bundles ("Mechanic Bundles"). The downside to bundles is a little less flexibility. For example, if a student gets the private + IFR as a bundle and activates the keycode for this bundle for themselves, this will be permanently assigned to them - there will be no way to recover the IFR portion and assigns it to somebody else should that student not proceed past private pilot.

The advantage of the individual test banks is flexibility - you give exactly the codes to whoever needs them. The downside of this, in addition to a generally slightly higher price, is potentially a bit more work at your part as you'll need to manage more codes. Our fulfillment portal, which we provide for all bulk purchasers makes this easier than it might be otherwise, but at the end of the day sending and managing 2 or 3 or 4 codes will always be more complex than just one.

Tracking and monitoring of student progress is built in and free for you and your instructors!
Our GroundSchool FAA test preps feature great tools to help students and instructors connect. Student monitoring and tracking is built in and free. Key to this is our www.TestPrepStatus.com website. In addition to letting you see the results of study sessions, it provides a number of statistics and moving averages that provide a meaningful picture of student activity, strong/weak areas, actual-test readiness, and more.
  • If you're a student, you can use this to see your own progress as you study.
  • If you're an instructor or school, you can monitor student progress, organize students into folders/classes, and more.
  • If you happen to be both a student and an instructor simultaneously, you can make use of both sets of features at the same time.
  • If you're a school, any or all of your instructors can log in to monitor student progress.
Progress monitoring at our TestPrepStatus.com site works via a permission mechanism - either the student can request that an instructor monitor their progress or an instructor can request to monitor a student's progress an the requested party must agree. Nothing is done without your permission.

This system is completely free for instructors, students, and schools. It works on all GroundSchool platforms (a few iOS apps have, at the time of this writing, slightly limited support for this) and work regardless of whether our apps were purchased individually, via bulk organizational purchase, or via site/lab license.

For users of our GroundSchool FAA knowledge test preps, the answer is 100% YES. Student progress tracking is built-in and free. It's built in and free regardless of whether your student is using our prep in a lab under a site/lab license at your location, on our app on a mobile device, or on their PC/Mac at home. As long as they are logged into either a lab account or a free dauntless cloud account (any user can create this themselves - it's free and in some cases is done totally transparently), then you can track them. You can track individual students or whole classes.

  • You can track student progress by subject area. This allows you to zero in on their strong and weak areas.
  • You can see how regularly they are studying
  • You can see their scores on simulated tests
  • The system provides you with a series of moving averages to help you visualize their progress better; these are provided both raw and 'smoothed' so that 'bad luck' on questions plays less of a factor in getting a picture of your student's progress.
  • Yes, you can organize students into folders / classes, mark past students 'inactive', and so forth.
The best way to see it work is to give it a try yourself TestPrepStatus works fine in demo mode:

  1. Visit www.TestPrepStatus.com and set up an instructor account. Totally free.
  2. Then, you need to link a student account with an instructor account. There are two ways to do this: If you've just created an account on testprepstatus and have no other connection to the prep, the easiest way to do this is to use the 'invite' feature there to invite a 'demo' student that you might have created so that you can see how it works (or, if you have a real student with you, you can try that too!). This is the 'instructor initiated' way of doing it. There's also a 'student initiated' way within the individual apps (usually on the 'test results' screen) where the student can request an instructor to monitor their progress. This way, the system is permission based, as is naturally required.
  3. As the student studies, their scores will be sent up to the TestPrepStatus.com system at the end of each session. As an instructor, you can log in to TestPrepStatus.com from wherever you are and see how they are doing.

Please note that TestPrepStatus.com is currently only connected to our FAA Knowledge Test preps. If you are reading this and are interested in this service for our other test preps, please let us know.

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