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FAQ > B2B - Bulk Purchases, Site/Lab Licenses, and Affiliates
B2B - Bulk Purchases, Site/Lab Licenses, and Affiliates
What is the difference between individual, bulk, and site/lab licenses?
B2B Purchase Questions: methods, purchase orders, tax, etc.
What payment methods do you accept?
Paying by Purchase Order?
W-9 form?
Need a purchase quotation?
Setting up Dauntless as an 'Approved Vendor'?
All questions regarding sales tax / VAT on orders, including exemptions and refunds
How quickly Will you receive your product(s)?
Lab / Site License Questions (General)
What is a lab/site license?
"Fixed" PCs?
There is NO per-student fee!
Student progress monitoring is built-in and free!
Can I charge students for time spent using the prep at my location?
What if the student wants to also study at home?
What if I have instructors at my school? How will they access the material?
What is the duration of a lab license?
What are the system requirements for installation?
Is this a simultaneous USE or "number of hardware devices" licenses?
Site License Test Group Product Mix?
What happens if we replace our PCs with newer ones?
What about content updates?
How can I try a demo?
Do the apps need administrator access?
What do you get after you place an order?
Where do I get the software from?
I can't believe how pleasantly inexpensive and straightforward this is compared to your competitors.
Seat Quantity Question
Can I install a lab licensed copy of the software on our CEO's/Instructor's office computer?
Finding Your B2B (Bulk, Site License) Purchases
Bulk Purchase Questions (General)
Where can I purchase Dauntless products in bulk?
What do I get after I purchase? How is my order fulfilled?
Are bulk purchased products returnable?
Quantity Discount Questions?
iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac, and Android apps CANNOT be bought in bulk from us, unfortunately.
Subscriptions our Safelog eLogbook CAN be purchased in bulk.
However, for other apps, probably not, unfortunately ...
... unless your organization qualifies for certain managed/deployment programs
Order Fulfillment timelines (instant if you pay by card).
If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE you buy.
What if one of your customers/students want to return a keycode to you?
Who handles technical and customer support for your students/clients?
Can I purchase iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac, or Android apps in bulk?
Subscriptions our Safelog eLogbook CAN be purchased in bulk.
However, for other apps, probably not, unfortunately ...
... unless your organization qualifies for certain managed/deployment programs
Bulk Purchase Questions (GroundSchool - FAA Test Prep Specific)
What is GroundSchool FAA test prep? Can I try a demo?
Yes, these preps are current for 2022-2023 and beyond!
What is the "Audio" checkbox next to each item?
What's the difference between buying bundles vs individual test banks?
Tracking and monitoring of student progress is built in and free for you and your instructors!
Affiliate Program Questions (General)
What is the affiliate program?
How can I incentivize people to use my links?
What will the payout be? Will my visitors get a discount?
I am not interested in being an affiliate. Can I get a discount code?
What is the affiliate payout?
How will I get paid?
Should I sign up as an affiliate just to make a few bucks off of a personal order?
Will I get an affiliate commission on iPhone/iPad, Mac, and/or Android purchases?
Can I make an affiliate commission by being your "point man" within our organization?
Are there any other particular requirements?
Doubling up on affiliate / promotions?
Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions from MyCommerce
Ready to Sign up?
Bulk Purchase Questions (Safelog Pilot Logbook)
Tell me about bulk purchase of Safelog Pilot Logbook licenses
Updating Your Personal (Contact) Details
Lost / Not Working / Never Received Activation code
Installing on multiple devices
How does this online help desk system work?
Bulk and Site License Purchases for Your School or Company