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FAQ > B2B - Bulk Purchases, Site/Lab Licenses, and Affiliates
Can I purchase iOS (iPhone/iPad), Mac, or Android apps in bulk?

Apple, Google, and Amazon do not allow us or any other vendor to sell our apps on their platforms directly to you. This means that we cannot sell them in bulk to you. Therefore, the short answer is "probably not", but the slightly longer answer is "you might, depending on your organization"
Subscriptions our Safelog eLogbook CAN be purchased in bulk.
If you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses to Safelog, our Pilot eLogbook, please visit our B2B: Bulk Licenses page where you are indeed able to do this. The key to this is that this is a subscription product where iPhone/iPad, Android, and Mac are available as free apps for those with subscriptions to this. So, in that sense, you can buy Safelog subscriptions in bulk which then can be used via the apps for the platform of your choice.

However, for other apps, probably not, unfortunately ...
For our other apps, unfortunately for iOS, Mac, and Android it is not possible to buy apps in bulk, at least not directly from us.

Generally speaking, purchasing apps via the iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Android app stores basically requires individual holders of accounts on those systems to log in and buy the apps themselves. This is due to policies set forth by Apple / Google / Amazon / etc. that we have no control over. Furthermore, we have no ability to even list bulk discount pricing or mechanisms - their app stores simply don't work that way, unfortunately. It would be great if we could sell apps for those platforms in bulk and we'll update our systems if things change, but as of now it is regrettably impossible. If you have students who could benefit from our apps on such platforms, please direct them to our homepage from where they can find links to obtain the apps from the various official app stores, unless you're lucky and qualify for one of the schemes described below ...

To buy our apps for others, you may be able to use Apple or Android's 'Gifting' Process
  • Click here to learn about Apple's App Gift Process by which you can buy an app and then gift it to others. You may find this as a possible way to distribute one of our apps to a moderate number of people. If this link goes dead, do an internet search for "gifting an apple appstore app." This seems to work for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Mac.
  • For Android, we suggest you do a google search for "google play gift an app." When we searched for this we found plenty of what appear to be useful links and ideas, but no official one from Google, so we aren't linking directly to this here. However, if you do this search, we think you may find some ideas.

Additionally, perhaps your organization qualifies for certain managed/deployment programs
Increasingly, we have heard that the large app stores might be making bulk purchase and app-assignment-to-individuals available to larger institutions. We do not always know exactly how it works as the details are very fluid year on year.

  • For iOS (iPhone/iPad) and/or Mac, try doing a search for "Apple IT Zero Touch Deployment."
  • For Google/Android, try "Managed Google Play"
  • There may also be such schemes on Amazon and other app stores.
These are ways for companies and organizations to buy apps for individuals associated with them - whether this is limited to employees / students / etc. we can't say, but it's worth a try.

Additionally, larger educational institutions may have similar schemes for their students. In all cases, your first step may be to show this to your local IT support and see what they say or if they are aware of such a site deployment scheme where you qualify.

Please note that we have no direct connection to the above initiatives. They are wholly managed by Apple / Google / etc. and they set all/any discounts, policies, procedures, etc. and you'd be paying them directly (and they would also deliver the apps to the individuals to receive them).

We're on your side as much as we can be: Where the various third-party App Stores allow it and have such a box for us to tick indicating so, we ALWAYS mark our apps as potentially eligible for the largest possible discounts to bona fide educational intuitions. What this actually means in practice and how, if at all, this manifests in any actual discount available to you is, unfortunately, entirely out of our hands as that is managed by the individual app stores / app markets but we do that and hope that it can be of use to you.