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FAQ > B2B - Bulk Purchases, Site/Lab Licenses, and Affiliates
B2B Purchase Questions: methods, purchase orders, tax, etc.

What payment methods do you accept?
Orders are handled for us by Digital River / MyCommerce / ShareIt, a very reputable order-processing firm (think of them as an Amazon-equivalent but for digital products). They accept on our behalf several forms of payment, including credit and debt cards, wire transfers, purchase orders, and more. Go to the checkout page for an B2B purchase to see the exact methods available for your order as they may vary slightly by customer location and order size. Our European and North American customers usually have the widest range of purchase methods available.

Please note that our B2B orders are fulfilled promptly (often automatically / electronically) when and only when they are paid in full.

Paying by Purchase Order?
Yes! You and/or your organization can pay for your B2B / site license / lab license purchase by purchase order. Payments are handled for us by MyCommerce / Digital River / ShareIT who offer "Purchase Order" as a checkout screen payment option. Please note that they may have specific requirements for purchase orders that they accept; please reference the documentation that they provide at the checkout process for more on this.

W-9 form?
Dauntless Aviation is proudly American. However, like many other providers of digital products, we use the services of a third-party (Digital River / MyCommerce / ShareIt) to securely process and fulfill orders for us. Digital River are the most trusted name in the space and reliably process tens of billions of dollars for year for companies such as ours while taking care of issues such as local tax collection, payment security, and so forth for us. It's a convenient and secure option for all involved, including, most importantly, for you the customer.

What this means in practice is that you're buying from them, not from us - they act as a convenient intermediary for digital purchases, much like Amazon is for physical ones. Technically, they, not us, are the ones who sell you our products. In effect, they act as resellers for us. The shopping cart you see at the end of a bulk or site license purchase is a Digital River / MyCommerce / ShareIt shopping cart.

If your purchasing department requires you to have a W-9 form, then you have two options:

Need a purchase quotation?
To get a quotation on any bulk or site licensed product(s), please go through the checkout process to the near the last stage where you see the shopping cart and price in your selected currency including any and all taxes, discounts, etc. If your purchasing department needs a quote, please print this out and show it to them. This is the fastest and most accurate quote we can give.

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee the prices on the "quote" for any length of time. While we don't change prices too often, it's a "live" purchasing system and prices and related items are subject to change without notice. If you are planning to make a particularly large order and believe that this may be a critical issue, please contact us and we'll figure our some solution.

If printing out the shopping cart is not a sufficient quotation for you, please contact us via our helpdesk and we'll see what we can do.

Setting up Dauntless as an 'Approved Vendor'?

As per the above, you'd be purchasing from Digital River / MyCommerce / ShareIt, not from Dauntless. Because they are quite large, there is a chance that your organization may already have them listed as approved vendors.

If not, please contact us via our helpdesk and let's discuss your specific paperwork needs. To speed the process along, please let us know in as much detail as you can reasonable provide exactly what you require. Please note the links to filled out IRS forms W-8BEN-E and W-9 above.

All questions regarding sales tax / VAT on orders, including exemptions and refunds
If you require IRS form W-9 or equivalent, please scroll up a bit and you will find links to that there. Otherwise ...

If you are exempt by law from paying sales tax or if you have paid tax/vat for which you are not liable for or by law cannot pay, please read this entire message as there is guidance for you in the box at bottom.

Orders are processed for us by a well known third-party merchant services company, myCommerce / ShareIt! / Digital River. They act as our payment processor and merchant partner. They do great work in taking payment in various forms, fulfilling digital orders promptly, and keeping transactions safe and secure for all of us. We (the pilots and programmers of Dauntless) don't actually see customer credit card numbers or other financial data connnected to order and technically your purchase is from them, not from Dauntless.

This works out well, since it allows us to concentrate our efforts on doing what we do best - making great apps and aviation products.

myCommerce/ShareIt is part of Digital River Corporation, and together they process payments for thousands of online merchants, including some larger ones such as Symantec.

Because of their size and scope, Digital River have offices in a number of US States and a few European countries. They collect tax/vat only in those locations where their physical presence or other laws require it.

Digital River obviously has no motivation to charge you sales tax other than to comply with law, and they structure their businesses to the extent posssible to minimize this burden for themselves and our mutual customers. However, Digital River must comply with tax rules where required by law. This is why you may see sales tax applied to your order.

You might not be liable for sales tax if you are able to pay with certain payment methods or from certain locations. For example, you might legally avoid paying tax/vat if you purchase using methods from a state or country where Digital River is not currently obligated to collect sales tax.

Due to pressures from various tax authorities, it may not always be sufficient to simply have even a legitimate billing address outside of the domain in which you are being taxed. Some countries and regions compel our merchant partners are compelled to collect VAT or Tax even based on things such as IP address. Again, this is totally outside of our hands - please contact the merchant partners involved directly in this. It brings us no joy that you are taxed and of course we wish you weren't as it only increases your net costs. Where it is safe and legal to do so (the specifics likely vary country to country) you might be able to avoid this issue in some cases by using a 'remote access' system or VPN of some sort of make it appear that you are in a country other than you are currently in. We do not encourage the use of such systems where it is not lawful to do so, but in places where it is this may be an option for you.

The information in the box below is from Digital River and is subject to change without notice:

If you are exempt from paying tax/VAT on orders:

To ask about tax exemption or other tax issues before placing an order:

  1. Send an e-mail message to [email protected] with a subject line of "Sales Tax Refund Request", or send a fax to +1 952 646-4552.
To receive a refund of state or other sales tax / vat after placing an order:
  1. Send an e-mail message to [email protected] with a subject line of "Sales Tax Refund Request", or send a fax to +1 952 646-4552.
  2. In the message, include the order ID shown on your receipt / invoice.
  3. In the message, please include / attach your organization's tax exempt documentation. This may be a certificate, tax form, or other government-issued documentation.
Once your refund has been processed, generally speaking if there are no further complications, the funds will post back to the payment account (e.g., credit card) used for the order within 3-5 business days.
Again, please understand that this is handled entirely by ShareIt/Digital River/MyCommerce we at Dauntless play no role in this whatsoever.

How quickly Will you receive your product(s)?
Short Answer: orders placed via "instant" electronic means, such as credit or debit card, are normally fulfilled essentially instantaneously and you have access to purchased products within minutes at most.

Longer Answer: Orders are fulfilled (you will get your products electronically) only after MyCommerce/Digital River report to us that your purchase order has been fully paid and the money transferred to them. This policy is fixed under all circumstances--it's their policy, not ours, but it's also fairest for all involved. Once the purchase order is paid and processed by MyCommerce, the order will normally be fulfilled promptly and automatically. The entire process is normally much faster if you pay by credit or debit card, so if speed is your concern, please pay in that way. We have no estimate of how long it takes a 'purchase order' payment to go through - you can contact ShareIt to ask them to speed things up at their end but we have found nearly always the vast bulk of any delay is at the customer's end administratively and/or bank delays. In some cases you might want to submit a purchase order then pay by card - if so, start the process electronically by selecting 'purchase order' and get as far as you can - it might be doable fully automatically within the MyCommerce system but other times you may need to contact them.

If you send in a purchase order to MyCommerce/Digital River/ShareIt and you're worried that it has not been processed yet when you think it should have been, please contact them at www.FindMyOrder.com. This will get you a much better and more detailed answer than we at Dauntless will be able to provide.

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