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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Making bulk or mass changes to your logbook

There are a number of ways to make changes in bulk to a number of records in your logbook in Safelog.

Mass Actions

The best way for many actions is to use our built in MASS ACTIONS. These are available under www.SafelogWeb.com ...Other Tools ... Mass Actions.

Here, you can perform any of the following actions for all or a specified subset of your flights:

  • Delete flights
  • Calculate day/night times, takeoffs, landings
  • Clear column values (set to blank/zero)
  • Copy column values to another column
  • Set column values
  • Calculate a flight time field
  • Multiply a flight time field by 60
  • Divide a flight time field by 60
  • Convert time of day fields from UTC to LOCAL
  • Convert time of day fields from LOCAL to UTC
  • Calculate day/night times
  • Calculate day/night takeoffs and landings
  • Search and replace in text fields
  • Adjust values
  • Holder's Operating Capacity Autocalc
  • Numeric or Time Duration values into Yes/No values
  • Yes/No values into Numeric or Time Duration values
  • Yes/No values inversion (Yes becomes No, No becomes Yes)
  • Set company name in flight records
  • Move values from one column to another
  • Add two column values
  • Subtract two column values
  • Auto-calculate cross country (XC) field times
  • Change type of time of day fields from UTC to LOCAL
  • Change type of time of day fields from LOCAL to UTC
Grid Edit
Another quick way to edit a large number of your flights quickly is to use our Grid Edit Mode. This presents your logbook in a paginated spreadsheet-like format (optimized for aviation-specific data entry). To enter grid edit mode, go to www.SafelogWeb.com then from the main logbook screen select "Grid Edit."
Re-Run setup wizard
Sometimes, you may want to just start over. Go to SafelogWeb.com ... Other Tools ... Re-Run setup wizard to start from scratch. This will enable you to re-select basic logbook parameters.