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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
Instructor Add-On / Added Rating Tests

Yes, our test preps include the add-on (added rating) instructor tests such as:
Instructor Added Rating Test In Our GroundSchool Test Prep Title
  • Flight Instructor Airplane Added Rating
  • Flight Instructor Helicopter Added Rating
  • Flight Instructor Glider Added Rating
  • Flight Instructor Gyroplane Added Rating
  • etc.
GroundSchool Flight and Ground Instructor
  • Flight Instructor INSTRUMENT Airplane (CFI-I-Airplane) Added Rating
  • Flight Instructor INSTRUMENT Helicopter (CFI-I-Heli) Added Rating
  • etc.
GroundSchool Instrument Rating (IFR)
The "regular" ("CFI", non-instrument) tests are in our CFI (GroundSchool FAA Flight and Ground Instructor) test preps. The INSTRUMENT ("CFII") add-on tests are in our IFR (GroundSchool FAA Instrument Rating) test preps (as are the "initial" instrument instructor tests).

For a complete list of which tests are in what product, click the link in the the "related issues" below.

Are the questions separated into test so that I study only what I need to for my add-on test?
Yes. Once you start the app, you select exactly the test you want. For example, you select "Flight Instructor Helicopter (Additional Rating)" from the list of tests available in the GroundSchool CFI app and you will be presented with only those questions that our editors have determined apply to that particular test.

I heard that the "additional rating" test banks are smaller than that "initial" test banks.
Well, yes and no. They are a bit smaller in practice. In theory, they should be quite a bit smaller, but in practice the FAA doesn't do a great job of excluding questions that technically it might claim to categorically exclude from the add-on tests. This is likely simply a reflection of the difficult task that the FAA test-setters have. As such, in practice, you are likely to encounter on your add-on test a wider selection of questions than you might otherwise expect to see just from reading the FAA knowledge test guides. Correspondingly, our editors mirror this with a conservative inclusion of questions in our add-on rating test banks. For pretty much all test takers, this is a non-issue as at most you experience a gentle review of some things that might well appear on the test you are going to take anyway. Our instructor add-on test takers have historically reported very, very high degrees of success and nearly uniformly high scores on their tests. That said, don't take them lightly - they are still real FAA knowledge tests and studying hard is essential even if you aced your initial instructor written previously.

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