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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
Is the content current for 2024 and will it be current in 2025 and beyond?

Yes, absolutely. Our team regularly updates the question banks and our best-in-the-business explanations. No test prep can honestly claim to have all of the current FAA questions all of the time, but between the actual and realistic questions that we have at any given point plus our explanations to prepare you for any unpublished questions the FAA may throw your way, our system works and tens of thousands of pilots and mechanics each year pass their tests thanks to our materials.

It is vitally important that as soon as you get our test prep app, the very first thing you do is to start it up and click on "check for updates" (or similar) from the main menu. This will update the learning content to the latest and greatest. It's really critical that you do this, especially for mobile app versions. Our editorial team is hard at work updating the content regularly through 2024, 2025 and beyond, so check for updates regularly as you study.

Content updates are built-in and free. Take advantage of this by making sure you check for updates often. There's a "check for updates" (or similar) button/link on the main menu of all of our apps. Make sure that you check this often - once when you get the app, and regularly thereafter, to ensure that you have the latest and greatest content. The year that you see on the main menu of our apps only gives a rough idea of the currency of the content that you currently have loaded. In reality, our editors update the content continuously, so it makes sense for you to check for updates regularly.

What does it mean when you see an FAA test prep book with "2025" on the cover?

The stamping of a year on the cover of a test prep book is mostly a marketing gimmick (not unreasonable perhaps, but still a gimmick) aimed at both you (the pilot) and at retailers. The truth is that the FAA releases questions and updates continuously and somewhat asynchronously throughout the year. Therefore, the start of a new year has no particular meaning as far as the question banks go. In practice, this means that some book companies will take their current set of questions in, say, mid-Summer 2024 and send these off to the printer to create a "2025" book. This causes some test-goers to be concerned that they may have 'out of date' material and also creates a system where conscientious students would feel compelled to buy an updated version of the book with a semi-misleading title year-in, year-out. With our GroundSchool preps, there are no such issues.

With our GroundSchool FAA test prep apps, updates are free for life for the platform of your choice for individual users. What this means is that you can update the learning content in the app to the latest available at any time, free. You can do this from within the app by clicking on the 'check for updates' button on the main menu. Just to be clear: we also put year information such as "2024" or "2025" on the main menus of our apps, but this only serves as a general guide.) We believe that ours is by far the most generous and sensible policy out there and also the one most conducive to lifetime learning. What we ask in return, however, is your honesty; you can't transfer (lend, give, sell, etc.) the app or its contents to anybody else, even when you are done using it. Should you encounter somebody who might benefit from our apps, we'd be most obliged if you could direct them to our site where they can purchase their own copies. This is a fair system that will allow to continue to bring to the aviation community the best product at a reasonable price.