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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
FAA Flight Engineer Test

Our Flight Engineer (FE) test prep covers any/all of the following tests:
  • FEX/FEJ - Flight Engineer Turbojet Basic/Added Rating
  • FET/FEP - Flight Engineer Turboprop Basic/Added Rating
  • FEN/FER - Flight Engineer Reciprocating Basic/Added Rating
When you start our app, just select the test you want to prep for and the questions will be filtered to only that test. You can also change this at any time within the app. You study for a "Basic" test if it's your first FE certificate/rating, as will be the case for pretty much everybody. You study for an 'add-on' if you already have one FE rating and are moving to another - for example, if you already have a FE Reciprocating and are moving to FE Turbojet. In practice, the difference between the "basic" and "added rating" test banks is minor. Out of prudence we suggest all FE candidates study the (sometimes slightly larger) "basic" test bank even if you are taking an "added rating" test. It won't hurt and it might help.
  • Relatively few people these days take the FE exams. As such, the FAA does not update them often and some of the questions on them are quite old and often out of date. It is what it is. It still can be interesting and useful for a surprisingly wide range of aviation activities and all else being equal, no matter what you fly you'll be a better informed pilot if you study for and pass an FE test.
  • Moreover, we and other test prep providers get relatively little feedback on the FE tests these days. From the users who do take the test, we tend to get score feedback ("I got a 96%!", "I got a 90%!", etc.) but not specific question feedback.
  • The tests are not easy, but are manageable by any reasonably qualified person who puts in the time and effort to study. For the Turbojet tests, which most people take, it will take as a VERY rough estimate 20-40 hours of study using our app.
  • Some airlines and companies view your taking and passing the FE test - normally the turbojet one in such cases - as helpful to your application for a pilot job even if the aircraft/company you might fly with no longer has flight engineers.
  • Some non-US countries continue to use the FAA Flight Engineer tests for validation of their Flight Engineers. Our prep will almost certainly be fine for you if this applies to your country.
  • That said, we absolutely have the best FE test prep in the business. We have the most detailed explanations and by far the best overall user experience. While we don't have a lot of FE users these days, feedback has overall been excellent from those who have used our preps to pass.
  • Obviously, if you're going to be taking a very rare FE test, like a reciprocating engine FE test in 2024, we ask for your understanding that our app is necessarily a 'best effort' sort of affair. While the FAA has carried through a lot of the guidance material into relatively new versions of their FE handbooks, some of the nuance has been lost and at times there is a bit of a disconnect between the handbooks and the questions. We're not trying to put you off - our prep is still very much the best out there for this and there's no reason that we know of that you shouldn't pass if you put the time in to study. We're just trying to align your expectations with the reality that some of these tests are taken by a few handful or fewer people per year at most in some cases, so you can't expect the FAA test bank to be as polished or current as it is for, say, the Private Pilot Airplane test.
  • It is highly recommended that you supplement your study using our FE test prep app with reading FAA handbooks which you can download for free from the FAA website. Look at the references of questions in our test prep to see what handbooks the information comes from. A combination of our app and reading of official, current FAA handbooks is absolutely the best, proven way to prepare for your FE test. That also said, you can certainly pass your FE test if you only use our app to study.

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