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FAQ > GroundSchool EASA ATPL / CPL / IR
Is GroundSchool EASA sufficient to pass the ATPL / CPL / IR exams?

To answer this question, you really need to put the theory tests themselves into context. You will need to take and pass 14 ATPL theory exams to receive an ATPL license. For the vast majority of people, sitting these exams will involve getting a sign-off (endorsement) to sit the exams and, in the case of those who do not hold an existing equivalent ATP or a large amount of multi-crew flight time, classroom study.

Our product is very very good at preparing you for questions that are very very similar or exact to those in the actual EASA CQB. However, the actual learning content of the material that we provide outside of the questions and answers is quite limited. Our app (just like all of our competitors) does not provide explanations as the costs for all involved in writing 7,5000 text (that is, 6 times the length of "War and Peace") for 15,000 or so EASA questions would inflate the costs of the apps unnecessarily and unreasonably.

So, to answer the question: in practice, yes, if you can prepare for your EASA ATPL to the point where you can take and pass our sample tests with a very high score, then you will in all likelihood be quite prepared indeed to do well on the ATPL theory exams. However, many people will realistically find additional study material, either provided by their ATPL course or obtained elsewhere, to be highly helpful. The typical user is somebody who uses our app along side their EASA classroom course or a set of EASA ATPL textbooks.

View this software an an accelerator - it is meant to accelerate your study. It is not a 100% replacement for a multi-thousand-dollar course, though if you use our software wisely you can certainly avoid some of the drudgery and pointless parts of such courses. In fact, you probably will. Our user experience is polished and fast and our apps are optimized for fast, efficient study. Our app has saved individuals dozens of hours over the course of their ATPL study, making them among the best values in aviation on a cost-vs-time-saved basis. Many of our customers are enrolled in ATPL classroom courses that provide them with some interface to study the questions that is slow or cumbersome and who get ours instead, with essentially the same content, to turbocharge their learning and preparedness.