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FAQ > Five by Five FCC Exam Prep
The Dauntless FCC Test prep apps do NOT provide explanations to the material.

Our apps are absolutely superb and time efficient insofar as helping you LEARN THE QUESTIONS GOES.
However, except for the very very occasional/infrequent and not guaranteed note on a few questions here and there, the apps DO NOT PROVIDE DETAILED EXPLANATIONS for the questions provided. We do not advertise that the FCC test preps have explanations as they do not.
While in some sense of course it would be nice to do those, the reality is that making and maintaining quality explanations is a multi-thousands-of-hours job. Implementing it would increase the price we'd need to charge very significantly. This is a far larger task than you are imagining.
Make no mistake: our apps are absolutely awesome - the best in the business - for learning the questions FAST. The polished interface and multiple study and learning modes ensure this. If you want to take and pass any FCC test that we cover, ours is an incredibly smart investment compared to various other options out there that are only worthwhile only if your time is worth nothing.
However, for explanations, where and if you need them, a combination of google, forums, and maybe books is your best bet. There is no one answer.