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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Finding specific totals

Safelog makes it easy to find any of the nearly infinite number of possible totals that pilots may be requested to produce at one point or another in their aviation lives.

The list below is not comprehensive, but is meant to give you a sense for the different ways that you can find the totals you are looking for.

  • Look at the bottom of your logbook. The most straightforward way to find the totals you are looking for is to look at the bottom of the last page of your logbook in Safelog. Just as in a paper logbook, your totals will be right there.
  • Filter the data to dig deeper. You can make refinements to this (date range, aircraft type, aircraft characteristics, specific aircraft, type of operation, handling role, location, and much more) by using the filter feature. Click on "filter" to bring this up. Please read the help information ("how to use the filter") provided near the filter to best understand how to use this powerful tool.
  • Use the "Totals" Feature. The "totals" feature is stunningly powerful. It allows you to quickly generate a graph of various totals by comparing any two of the following: logbook fields, aircraft types, individual aircraft, aircraft characteristics, composite characteristics (very useful!), dates, handling roles, and airline/operator. One noteworthy feature here is that you can click the checkboxes on the side of each row to generate even more specific combined totals.
  • Use the "Graphs" Feature. In addition to allowing you to see your flight record visually, this also generates a table by month or year that can be very useful in helping you find totals that you may be looking for.
  • Use the built in currency and analysis tools. Make sure you aren't "re-inventing the wheel" by trying to generate complex totals for something Safelog already has built in. Safelog already has built-in generators for the following (look under "Currency"). This list is not exhaustive:
    • FAA Currency General, Part 117, Part 121, Part 135, NVG, and much more. This includes automatic generation of FAA Form 8710/IACRA and automatic calculation of Aeronautical Experience for most common practical tests.
    • EASA Block Time, Flight Time, and Duty Time Limits
    • Transport Canada and CASA Australia currency
  • Interview? Use the pre-built career summary tools, including (again, this is not a complete list):
    • Airline Apps
    • Pilot Credentials
    • USA Airline Pilot Totals (modelled on the much-used JetBlue form)
    • FedEx Pilot Application Form
    • UPS Pilot Application Form
  • Generate Career Summary Reports or Logbook Printouts. You may find other useful totals, in report / pdv / CV form by going to Reports/Printouts. There's a lot there, but some things that we draw your attention to include:
    • Career Summary Reports (including Overall Summary, Summary by Date, Summary by Aircraft/Aircraft Type)
    • Medical Certificate Reports
    • Career Milestone Reports
    • Various Logbook Printouts

The above is just a sample of the many ways you can get exactly what you're after in Safelog.

Totals Don't seem to be adding up correctly? Fear not - we have you covered. Safelog has tools to help you identify and mitigate data problems in your logbook that are usually the reason behind apparent totals issues. To run these tools, go to the bottom of any page of your logbook and look for "Totals Don't Add Up?" Follow that link / but ton to a page which will analyze your logbook. It'll show you potential issues and also will, where possible, present you with tools to fix the issues automatically. If your issues involve aircraft or airports, please look at the aircraft, aircraft types (under aircraft) and/or airport screens in SafelogWeb.com. You may find a box at the bottom of your listings where Safelog has identified potential issues, again, with automated tools to mitigate the issues where appropriate.

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