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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
Progress Monitoring for Instructors and Schools is built-in and free!

Our GroundSchool FAA test preps feature great tools to help students and instructors connect. Student monitoring and tracking is built in and free. Key to this is our www.TestPrepStatus.com website. In addition to letting you see the results of study sessions, it provides a number of statistics and moving averages that provide a meaningful picture of student activity, strong/weak areas, actual-test readiness, and more.
  • If you're a student, you can use this to see your own progress as you study.
  • If you're an instructor or school, you can monitor student progress, organize students into folders/classes, and more.
  • If you happen to be both a student and an instructor simultaneously, you can make use of both sets of features at the same time.
  • If you're a school, any or all of your instructors can log in to monitor student progress.
Progress monitoring at our TestPrepStatus.com site works via a permission mechanism - either the student can request that an instructor monitor their progress or an instructor can request to monitor a student's progress an the requested party must agree. Nothing is done without your permission.

This system is completely free for instructors, students, and schools. It works on all GroundSchool platforms (a few iOS apps have, at the time of this writing, slightly limited support for this) and work regardless of whether our apps were purchased individually, via bulk organizational purchase, or via site/lab license.

For users of our GroundSchool FAA knowledge test preps, the answer is 100% YES. Student progress tracking is built-in and free. It's built in and free regardless of whether your student is using our prep in a lab under a site/lab license at your location, on our app on a mobile device, or on their PC/Mac at home. As long as they are logged into either a lab account or a free dauntless cloud account (any user can create this themselves - it's free and in some cases is done totally transparently), then you can track them. You can track individual students or whole classes.

  • You can track student progress by subject area. This allows you to zero in on their strong and weak areas.
  • You can see how regularly they are studying
  • You can see their scores on simulated tests
  • The system provides you with a series of moving averages to help you visualize their progress better; these are provided both raw and 'smoothed' so that 'bad luck' on questions plays less of a factor in getting a picture of your student's progress.
  • Yes, you can organize students into folders / classes, mark past students 'inactive', and so forth.
The best way to see it work is to give it a try yourself TestPrepStatus works fine in demo mode:

  1. Visit www.TestPrepStatus.com and set up an instructor account. Totally free.
  2. Then, you need to link a student account with an instructor account. There are two ways to do this: If you've just created an account on testprepstatus and have no other connection to the prep, the easiest way to do this is to use the 'invite' feature there to invite a 'demo' student that you might have created so that you can see how it works (or, if you have a real student with you, you can try that too!). This is the 'instructor initiated' way of doing it. There's also a 'student initiated' way within the individual apps (usually on the 'test results' screen) where the student can request an instructor to monitor their progress. This way, the system is permission based, as is naturally required.
  3. As the student studies, their scores will be sent up to the TestPrepStatus.com system at the end of each session. As an instructor, you can log in to TestPrepStatus.com from wherever you are and see how they are doing.

Please note that TestPrepStatus.com is currently only connected to our FAA Knowledge Test preps. If you are reading this and are interested in this service for our other test preps, please let us know.

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