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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Logging Multi-Crew / Multi-Pilot Time

Safelog provides straightforward ways to log multi-crew (multi-pilot) time.

There are a few ways to log multi-crew time in Safelog, but most pilots will opt for one of the following two:

  1. Characteristics-based multi-crew logging. This is recommended for most people. In this method, the "multi-crew" characteristic is assigned to each aircraft that you fly multi-crew. For example, you would assign this characteristic to all of your A320 or 737 aircraft (the characteristic is already largely built in for thousands of aircraft in our extensive type database).
  2. Explicit Multi-crew field. Potentially more flexible, but this requires you to manually manage this for each flight so it is more error-prone.

Both of these will normally result in your multi-crew time then successfully reflecting in Safelog's various EASA and other career-oriented printouts.

To set this up or to learn more:

  • Log in to www.Safelogweb.com
  • Click on setup/settings
  • Click on "airline pilot options" (or similar wording)
  • Find the multi-crew option there.

Once there, be sure to read the help / descriptive text next to the options as this will guide you to the multi-crew setup best for you.

Are your multi-crew values zero / empty / missing and you can't figure out why?

First, check if you indeed have enabled a multi-crew field. As above, this can be done by going to www.SafelogWeb.com .. Setup .. Airline Pilot Options.

In the above, you will have enabled one of two possible ways of logging multi-crew time - characteristics based or explicit multi-crew field. Either method will result in a logbook field called "multi-crew" appearing in your logbook. However, for the vast majority of people we suggest you use the characteristic-based option, as it's far less error prone.

If your multi-crew field is empty and you're using the explicit field option ...
In this method, you are basically creating a separate field for your multi-crew time. This means you have to enter a flight time value into it for every flight.
  • First, remember that we strongly suggest switching to the 'characteristics based' way of logging multi-crew time unless you have a compelling and specific reason why not to.
  • For routine individual flight entry in Safelog, you can link this to the entry of another field by going to www.SafelogWeb.com .. Setup .. Field Suggestion and Auto Linking.
  • For filling this field in when your data comes in from an external source such as a CSV file or airline roster, if the flow of your import goes through our the Field Matching screen, you can for example link an input field such as "duration of flight" to both a duration of flight column in Safelog and a multi-crew explicit field if that's appropriate for your data.
  • To edit data that you already have in Safelog in bulk (many flights at once), go to www.SafelogWeb.com ... Other Tools .. Mass Actions and then "copy values from one column to another." You can do this for example by aircraft type so that you can restrict this to only multi-crew types.
If you are using this method and your totals don't match up what you expect them to be, there's basically no alternative except for carefully looking through your logbook to see where you forgot to correctly set this value in the multi-crew field. Use of filters may help you in this.

If your multi-crew field is empty and you're using the recommended characteristics-based multi-crew option ...
This option is far less error prone and is far easier to maintain and troubleshoot. For this to work, you need two things:
  • The aircraft in question needs to have the 'multi-crew' characteristic set. Go to www.SafelogWeb.com .. Aircraft and then look at either the individual aircraft or the aircraft type (under 'my aircraft types). Using the characteristics filter for something like "NOT multi-crew" may help you identify aircraft or aircraft types where this is missing. Use the edit button to assign the multi-crew characteristic to the record in question. Our database provides this for some but not all multi-crew aircraft. For example, some corporate jets are legal to fly single-crew in one regulatory regime but the same aircraft must be flown multi-crew in another, so we leave it to you to set as appropriate.
  • The flight and/or block time needs to be non zero. The value of the characteristics-based multi-crew field will be based on either your flight time or your block time for a given flight. Which of theses it is set under www.SafelogWeb.com .. Setup .. Fields Setup ... Aircraft Category and Class (Characteristics-based Fields). If you have this set to, for example "flight time", and the flight time / total duration of flight value for a given flight is zero, then the multi-crew field will display zero, even if you have values for other fields in that flight. You can use two tools:
    • SafelogWeb.com .. Other Tools .. Totals Mismatch Troubleshooter and
    • SafelogWeb.com .. Other Tools .. Mass Actions
    To help locate and fix records with missing total flight time / block time etc that would then feed to a characteristic-based multi-crew field.