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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Logging Multi-Crew / Multi-Pilot Time

Safelog provides straightforward ways to log multi-crew (multi-pilot) time.

There are a few ways to log multi-crew time in Safelog, but most pilots will opt for one of the following two:

  1. Characteristics-based multi-crew logging. This is recommended for most people. In this method, the "multi-crew" characteristic is assigned to each aircraft that you fly multi-crew. For example, you would assign this characteristic to all of your A320 or 737 aircraft (the characteristic is already largely built in for thousands of aircraft in our extensive type database).
  2. Explicit Multi-crew field. Potentially more flexible, but this requires you to manually manage this for each flight so it is more error-prone.

Both of these will normally result in your multi-crew time then successfully reflecting in Safelog's various EASA and other career-oriented printouts.

To set this up or to learn more:

  • Log in to www.Safelogweb.com
  • Click on setup/settings
  • Click on "airline pilot options" (or similar wording)
  • Find the multi-crew option there.

Once there, be sure to read the help / descriptive text next to the options as this will guide you to the multi-crew setup best for you.