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FAQ > SimPlates
When I try to view a plate, nothing happens or I get a 'white window.'

First, try uninstalling SimPlates, rebooting your device, and then re-downloading and re-installing Simplates from www.SimPlates.com. Please make sure you also have all the latest updates for your PC or device.
  1. Update your version of Adobe Acrobat reader to the latest available. Please don't just assume you have the latest - really do get the latest from Adobe and be sure.
  2. Update the SimPlates client program to the latest available. Go to help/about and make sure that both the program and the database are up to date.
  3. If nothing of above helps then go to help/about and try to turn "External PDF viewer" option ON (checked). Some systems, due to corrupted Adobe Reader install(or other PDF viewer vendor), are unable to open all of the plates in internal SimPlates viewer. This option can help if you have issues with opening plates inside of SimPlates X Ultra.
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