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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Customizing your logbook fields

Yes, Safelog lets you add custom logbook fields. It's quite flexible indeed.

There are two basic types of custom logbook fields. The first sort are ones that have particular meanings and implications built-in to Safelog. These can be found under "SETUP" in a number of subsections including:

  • Basic Logbook Setup
  • Airline Pilot Options
  • Times and Dates
  • Airports and Flight Distance
  • Approaches and Holds
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • and similar.

By "particular meanings", we mean that there's generally some logic or connection to parts of the app which make them work particularly usefully. For example, if you turn on the "(Airline) Flight Number" option under "Airline Pilot Option", this will automatically work with the airline-prefix and routing-remembering features of the flight entry screens. Additionally, should there be a report or printout that requires (Airline) Flight Number, Safelog will look to this field for its content. So, if such a built-in specialized optional field exists for what you're looking to do, you should normally use it.

Beyond this, however, are also more general user-configurable fields. These are available under the Setup .... Fields Setup... sub-items. Please note that "custom flight time" there refers to optional/custom duration of flight fields. The sorts of general optional fields you can turn on include:

  • Flight Time (Duration of Flight) Fields
  • Yes/No Fields
  • Text Entry Fields
  • Aircraft Characteristics-based (auto) Fields
  • Monetary Fields
  • Glider Pilot Fields
  • Whole number Fields,
  • Crewmember (People) Fields
  • etc.
Once you have enabled your custom fields, you can re-order them by going to Setup .. Show/Hide/Reorder fields. You should use the "hide" feature for custom fields only if you are temporarily hiding a field for some particular reason. If you want to remove a customized field from your logbook entirely, turn it off in the corresponding "Fields Setup" section.

In Setup itself, there's quite a bit of guidance and advice as to how and when you should and should not use customized fields. Please do take the time to read and understand this, as there are in many cases faster ways to do things that adding more fields (this especially applies to adding flight time fields, as our experience has shown that this is often unnecessary). To give just one example, it's generally counterproductive to add custom flight-time fields such as "ASEL" (Airplane-Single-Engine-Land) as such values can be computed more accurately and with less user effort by turning on a derived aircraft characteristics based field for such needs.

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