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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Night Vision Goggles (FAA 14 CFR 61.57(f)) and EVFS (Enhanced Flight Vision System) currency

Safelog features the best Night Vision Goggle currency features in the business, including quite powerful built-in analyzers to help you remain current with the Night Vision Google requirements of FAA regulation 14 CFR 61.57.

Enabling Night Vision Goggle Fields
Go to Setup ... Night Vision Goggle Currency to enable NVG currency fields. Doing so will turn on these fields:
  • NVG Takeoffs
  • NVG Landings
  • NVG Hovering Tasks
  • NVG Departure and Area Arrival Tasks
  • NVG Transitioning Tasks NVG Operations
All of these fields are required for optimal checking of your flight experience against FAA regulations. If you don't require all of these, after turning them on, you can hide the ones you don't want to see by going to Setup ... Show/Hide/Reorder Logbook Fields. However, we reckon that most NVG pilots will want to keep all of these enabled, even if you're not an FAA pilot.

Checking FAA NVG Currency
By going to Currency ... FAA NVG Currency, you can quickly check your compliance with
  • Acting as PIC in NVG Operations while Carrying Passengers 61.57(f)(1)
  • Acting as PIC in NVG Operations 61.57(f)(2)
This check is done on a per category/class basis as required by regulation. Safelog computes these automatically for all relevant aircraft category/classes that you fly.

Computing these checks is fairly complex, as each requires compliance with five different separate NVG task types and/or a proficiency check. Needless to say, our automation of this can be a huge time saver for you. What's more, our check here produces in addition to the basic "YES/NO" answer both a detailed breakdown of how we determined your proficiency and a table of the relevant flights and tasks for you to be able to understand and verify our conclusions.

Please note that if you do an NVG proficiency check, you'll need to log this under Career Milestones. Create a new career milestone and be sure to look under the "extended information" tab to mark the proficiency event correctly.

NVG Currency (Corporate, EASA, or otherwise non-FAA)
You can also confirm your NVG compliance to whatever rules you happen to operate under by going to Currency ... Custom Currency/Limits/Rules to create rules appropriate for your regulator or operator. Again, these will be computed for you instantly in the future once you have them set up.

EVFS (Enhanced Flight Vision System) Currency
Safelog also fully supports EVFS currency checking.
  • Go to Career Milestones .. (Create a Milestone) .. Extended Information to create an EVFS refresher course event.
  • The results of this refresher course will appear in various currency calculators where EVFS is required (including under FAA Currency ... General for 14 CFR 6166(d) EFVS Operations currency).
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