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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Time Zone Handling?

Safelog fully and dynamically integrates the IANA international standard time zone database. This means that Safelog's auto-calculations of day and night times will be maximally correct for your date of flight. This also means that Safelog can do correct and accurate GMT to local time (or vice versa) conversions for any spot on Earth for any flight date, worldwide.

Safelog provides full flexibility to enter values in Local or GMT / Zulu time and Safelog will do the necessary and accurate computation based on official and correct time zone polygons valid for the date and time of your flights.

  • To change your default time display and entry preferences, go to www.SafelogWeb.com ... Setup ... Times and Dates.
  • It's also possible to switch between GMT/Zulu time and Local time for a range of flights by going to SafelogWeb.com ... Other Tools ... Mass Actions. This is useful if you have imported a bunch of flights in the complementary format.
  • You can also find day/night auto-calculation settings there.
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