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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Entering Prior Data?

Some of you are migrating to Safelog after many years of flying and don't particularly want to take the time to put all of your past flying in. This is understandable.

Safelog features a place (look under 'setup' -> 'totals prior to this logbook') (the exact wording may be different) where you can put all of your totals prior to Safelog in one place.

  • If you never want to go back and fill in your old data, you an use "totals prior to this logbook" to enter previous summary data and just log flights in Safelog going forward.
  • You can also edit this at any time. This means that if you choose to back-fill your old logbook data flight by flight later, you can just subtract this from whatever you have in "totals prior to this logbook" as you enter individual older flights.

You can always log past flights in Safelog. You do not need to log them in chronological order. Safelog will automatically re-order flights based on Flight Date and then flight / block / duty time of day values when available for a given flight. If you log without specific time of day fields, little arrows will appear in the main logbook view (web, pc, and/or mac versions) allowing you to manually re-order fields in a given day.

So, the system is completely flexible in if, when, and how you want to enter prior and/or summary flight information. If you go into SafelogWeb.com ... Totals Prior to this logbook you'll find extensive help and examples as to how you can log your prior data there. We recommend that you do this if you have more specific questions than what we've answered here.

Safelog will, to the extent possible, use the "prior totals" data in its analysis, totalizer, and other tools just as it would regular logbook data. However, in some cases, it's limited in what it can do with summary data. For example, if you just enter your total time for a given year in summary, Safelog won't know what specific aircraft it was flown in. Or, if you just enter a specific aircraft totals over a broad time range, Safelog won't know which specific dates each flight was on. Entering prior totals therefore, is always a trade off between how much data you care to take the time to enter and how much information can be extracted from it. Safelog provides the flexibility for you to both do this as you like and also to tweak things later as you like should you feel the need.