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FAQ > SimPlates
What countries / airports are included in SimPlates?

See a breakdown of the airports and countries covered in SimPlates.

SimPlates offers an massive number of plates covering most of the countries of the world. For the serious flight simulator pilot, it's an invaluable resource to increasing the fun and realism of your simming experience. As of this writing, SimPlates includes about 80,000 total plates. This includes:

Instrument Approach plates of all types (GPS/GNSS, RNP, ILS, VOR, and many more)

  • Visual and Circling approach plates
  • Airport Diagrams
  • SIDs and STARs
  • Parking / Docking Area charts, hot spot charts, etc.
  • and much more.

To see the exact number of plates plus the breakdown by country and airport, visit https://www.dauntless-soft.com/PRODUCTS/Simplates/airportlist.asp.

To see the exact plates which we have for any given airport, visit www.PilotNav.com and find the airport of interest to you. You'll see a listing of the plates for that particular airport that we include in SimPlates there.

As we are regularly updating SimPlates, the list is subject to change at any time (though in practice it's usually about similar in size and scope). Occasionally, a tiny percentage of plates which we list as available are not available for technical reasons. This is likely to affect a few handfuls of plates in the entire product at most.