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FAQ > Safelog Pilot Logbook
Works offline and online

The short answer is no, you do not need to be online to do core logbook functions such as:

  • viewing your logbook or schedule
  • entering flights
  • creating new aircraft
  • getting totals or viewing graphs
  • generating certain PDF reports and printouts
All of that, and a bit more (the list above is not exhaustive) is done locally, on the Safelog app for whatever device you happen to have in front of you (PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android). This can be done without an internet connection, meaning that you can use your logbook wherever it is safe and legal to do so - in some cases even on the flight deck in cruise flight if your local country and company regulations permit this. It also means that you can take your device on you on a multi-day trip where internet access is suspect, log as usual, and simply refrain from syncing until you re back home. This means lower connection charges and better peace of mind for you.

That said, while an internet connection is not required for day to day flight logging, some, less frequently used aspects of Safelog do require an internet connection. This includes running certain currency reports, generating certain printouts/reports, synchronizing the logbook with the cloud servers, and configuring your logbook / setting setup options. This is so because this helps guarantee the accuracy and consistency of such changes even though you might happen to have Safelog on multiple devices. In our apps, we generally color code features that require cloud / internet access in purple.

In short, Safelog is designed to give you the best of all worlds.

  • Your entire logbook resides locally on every Safelog device you have
  • You can also access it via our cloud servers, including via SafelogWeb.com via any compatible browser
  • You get the benefit of future-proofness and multiple-redundancy through the cloud synchronization process
  • Once you have a Safelog account, you can access your account on all supported platforms at no additional charge
  • When you get a new device, getting your logbook to the new device is simple - just install the free app and start it, enter your username and password, and your data will automatically populate in the app for you to use in moments.
With Safelog, there are no additional charges for additional platform versions. One subscription gets you access to all. It's worth emphasizing that the mobile versions of some of our competitors are basically extremely "thin clients" that are basically just passthrough windows to their web based systems or which offer very little functionality. Our individual platform titles are robust and feature-rich apps in and of themselves.