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FAQ > GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Prep
Actual and realistic FAA test questions?
How to Prepare for your test using GroundSchool
Yes, questions are filtered by specific test. (for example: airplane vs helicopter)
Purchasing bulk or lab/classroom/site licenses for your school or business
How to use the plotter / protractor / compass?
Testing Center Emulation Modes?
Inspection Authorization (IA) Test Prep?
Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) and Ground Instructor (IGI)?
Instructor Add-On / Added Rating Tests
Basic, Advanced, and Instrument Ground Instructor (BGI, AGI, and IGI)
Which ATP Test?
Where can I take my actual FAA written test?
Setup re-runs when I expect the program to start
Can't activate discount during the purchase process
No Test Bank Installed?
Passing Guarantee?
Number of Questions in GroundSchool vs. FAA?
Approved Ground School?
How to report an issue with a question or learning content ...
Is the content current for 2024 and will it be current in 2025 and beyond?
FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) ATC (Air Traffic Control) Test Prep
Prepare for and pass the 2024-2025 FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) knowledge test.
How do I get the CTO test prep?
I don't see CTO on the description / list of tests for your FAA ATP test prep app.
What content is included in the CTO prep?
Realistic Questions and Content
Charts and Figures?
Converting Transport Canada Pilot Licenses to USA/FAA or vice versa
Audio Mode ('Learning by Listening'): What it is and how to get it.
Reference Figure Image Issue?
Progress Monitoring for Instructors and Schools is built-in and free!
Sport Pilot, Sport Pilot Instructor (Sport-CFI), Sport Pilot Examiner
FAA Aircraft Dispatcher (ADX) Knowledge Test Prep?
FAA Flight Engineer Test
Switching between tests or test groups
How is Dauntless GroundSchool better than the rest?
Which platform is best to study on?
Which FAA Tests Can I study For? How Many questions are there?
How many questions are in the audio version of the test prep?
Are the questions broken down into study areas?
Military Competence (Military to Civilian) Test Prep
FAA Drone / UAS / UAV / Part 107 Knowledge Test
Updating Your Personal (Contact) Details
Lost / Not Working / Never Received Activation code
Installing on multiple devices
How does this online help desk system work?
Bulk and Site License Purchases for Your School or Company