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 Aviation Stories, Pictures, and News Dauntless Aviation

Here's a collection of some of the interesting and cool stuff that we've featured on our homepage.

New Free Cessna Checklist2/16/2017
Chris Leary's Excellent Cessna 182P Checklist is a recent addition to our Free Aircraft Checklists section.

B-17 Ride Along!10/24/2016

This series of photos shows a flight of a B-17 Flying Fortress over the Los Angles area. Have a look!

Why use checklists?8/26/2016
We've improved and updated our famous Why Checklists? page. Useful and illustrative for student pilots and instructors, yes, but perhaps especially for experienced pilots!

Aircraft Underwater7/5/2016
Check out some amazing photos of aircraft underwater

When Engines go Bad6/19/2016
See what happens when a 767 high pressure turbine fails during static testing.

Flying with Fido4/14/2016
Flying with Fido

As it may well be contrary to some FAR and/or other law, not to mention common sense, please note that we don't endorse the action in this video in any way (so don't try this at home!) You may find this flying with Fido video video to be funny nevertheless.

Aviation Humor3/16/2016
No real reason to post the above picture, but it is vaguely aviation related and we kinda liked it. More neat stuff in our aviation humor section.

Airbus in 340 Seconds..3/13/2016
Watch an A340 being built in 340 Seconds.

Aircraft loses a wing at airshow11/4/2015
Amazing Video.

Are you prepared?10/28/2015
Are you prepared for any in-flight situation? How about the one shown in this video?. What could the pilot of this Air France 707 have done differently? Perhaps a more thorough weather briefing? Have a nice week.

Wright Flyer Pilot's Perspective10/28/2015
Here is an amazing flight video that puts you in the cockpit of the Wright Flyer.

New Free checklists8/25/2015
New free checklists - a Spanish-language PA28-140 and an (English) Pa-32-300T Lance checklists are some of the latest additions to our 400+ checklist-strong free checklist section.

Cool under pressure8/2/2015
Here's video that shows a bird being ingested into an engine on takeoff. The crew reacts coolly and calmly before ejecting safely.

Low Level Flying7/6/2015
Check out this cool low level flying video. Don't try this at home.

Gulfstream + Quicksand = ...5/14/2015
See what happens when a $45m Gulfstream jet meets a tarmac not designed for its weight.

New DA40 and M20C Free Checklists4/3/2015
Jim Price's and Richard Hulme's Mooney M20C and Diamond DA40D checklists are some of the latest additions to our free aircraft checklists section. Thanks, guys!

Ever wonder how airplanes are made?3/3/2015
Click here for an interesting take ...

New Aircraft Checklists11/23/2014
Eric Triantafilo's Cessna 206 Super Skywagon checklists is but the newest addition to our Free Aircraft Checklists section. Thanks to Eric and all who contribute!

More free Aircraft Checklists8/12/2014
Michael Smith's Robinson R22 helicopter and David Seest's Beech 18 are some of the latest additions to our free checklists section, where you'll find stuff for everything from a C150 to a 747!

IronAviator.som - quality aviation signs!6/8/2011
While at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's WW2 weekend airshow recently, our director ran into aviation artist Damian Campayo and his wonderful productions, avaialble at The Iron Aviator.

His signs are very high quality and would make a distinctive and attractive addition to any aviation home or business. Have a look!

How not to be a good pilot...4/4/2011
The vast majority of pilots are safe, sensible individuals who realize that it's in everybody's interest to act responsibly and to promote a positive image of general aviation. And then there's this idiot.

A brave pilot, indeed.4/16/2010
Folks, we love to fly and we love to share this with you. Sometimes, however, there are stories in aviation that go well beyond our usual mission and that we feel that we just need to tell and share. This is one of them. While, fortunately none of us have been personally affected by this issue and are generally supportive of the FAA in most of their policies, we are nevertheless united in the belief that the FAA's approach to mental health issues for pilots has for too long been counterproductive, if not outright dangerous, and that while recent reforms are a big step in the right direction, more needs to be done. Please read more about it via the CNN story and show your support for this brave man and the thousands of other pilots who share his plight.

Precision Landing?2/26/2010


24 Hours of World Traffic Patterns12/17/2008
A cool video of worldwide air traffic patterns over 24 hours

777 Heathrow Incident update9/4/2008
We love the 777. It's a beautiful and well designed aircraft. So, we were shocked to hear of the (nonfatal) crash a BA 777 at Heathrow several months back. Now the UK AAIB has come out with a preliminary rerport on the incident. In a word - fuel ice! An interesting read.

Parachuting into the wrong stadium?8/31/2008
Ok, this is only marginally aviation-related, but we still found this article about some wayward parachuters to be pretty funny.

FAA Extends Medical Validity!7/25/2008
Great news! The FAA has recently decided to extend the duration of medical certificates for those under 40. On July 24, the FAA extended the duration of third class medicals from 36 calendar months to 60 calendar months (five years) and first class medicals from six calendar months to 12 calendar months for pilots under age 40. We will soon make the necessary changes to our pilot logbook software and written test preparation software to account for the changes. UPDATE: this has now been implemented in our Safelog Pilot logbook software and has been addressed in most of our content titles (RideReady, GroundSchool).

Skydiver and airplane near miss4/23/2008
Check out the video

Future blended wing airliner?11/21/2007
Boeing X-48B Blended Wing body sub-scale demonstrator has taken wing. Will it lead to a radical new shape for commercial airliners of the future? Click here for more images and information.

P38 Lightning found on beach11/15/2007
click here for more info >>

SimPlates DVD now available!10/5/2007
SimPlates is now avaialble on DVD-ROM (as well as the previously avialable download option). We're really happy at how it came out and th reviews of SimPlates have been excellent. Have a look!

The FAA at work..3/26/2007
Just don't say "staffing!"

Why we Preflight..1/22/2007

Cessna Pilot's Inadequate Preflight

Parking Brake set for landing?10/23/2005
USAirways reminds us why it's not a good idea to set the parking brake in the air. See the pictures.

JetBlue A320 Landing Gear Photos10/7/2005
See some aftermath photos of the JetBlue A320 Landing Gear incident here

How Thorough is Your Passenger Briefing?5/6/2005
Passenger lands plane after pilot has heart attack. In other news, our free passenger safety card is, as always, available for download despite the occasional email we get from 'experts' who claim that it is too detailed and unnecessary.

A380 Maiden Flight..4/27/2005
Airbus A380

From a pilot and passenger standpoint, this is going to be an amazing aircraft.

Look Ma, No Rudder!3/9/2005
... did you hear that noise?

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