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Welcome to Dauntless Aviation! Safelog - The World's Most Trusted Pilot Logbook System Ace your FAA written test! Be confident and ready for your Checkride Oral Exam! SimPlates 70,000+ IFR Approach Plates EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep
Prepare for your Transport Canada Private Pilot, Recreational Pilot, PSTAR, and Instrument Rating (INRAT) exams. A range of items both for people who want to convert from Canada to FAA and FAA to Canada. For PC, iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™.

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Jan 21 - Some more nice feedback..
I would like to deeply thank you for providing this superb exam preparation product. I used your program to prepare for my instrument written test. I was working with the program only for an hour or two a day for about a month. I took the exam and passed with [a very high] score. .. Checkride.com is the way to go!
Rhinebeck NY
(where they have those great Living WW1 Airshows)
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Jan 21 - Another great knowledge test result!
I have been using Dauntless for my Private Pilot and A&P courses and it has helped immensely.
San Diego, CA
Thanks for the kind words, and congratulations on your excellent knowledge test scores!
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Jan 20 - Sport Pilot Test Pass!
I just passed my Sport Pilot Airplane written exam with flying colors after studying with Ground School on the iPad. I just wanted to say thanks for putting together a great app with fantastic info that helped me get the job done.
FAA Sport Pilot
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Jan 20 - Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot success
92% on the knowledge test!
GroundSchool iPhone User
Newly-minted Commercial Balloon Pilot
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Jan 16 - General Nice Feedback From a Longtime User
I thoroughly enjoy using your products, and have found them very helpful in earning my ratings.
Purdue University, IN
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Jan 10 - An amazing run from the Netherlands!
As a foreign student I did 7 Knowledge tests and 6 practicals; I used the groundschool & rideready to help me preparing for all those tests ..... they were a great help!
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Jan 9 - Great score from a timid test taker
95%! This tool was highly effective in preparing me for the Instrument Rating written test, I only missed 3 questions on the actual exam. I do not test well and after using this program, I went into the test confident, knowing the answers to almost all of the questions that could appear on the actual exam. I would (and do) recommend to anyone who is looking to take a written FAA exam and needs to prepare effectively and efficiently!
East Providence, RI
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Jan 5 - Some nice feedback..
[Just took] my Private Pilot written exam. Scored a perfect 100% and although it was a lot of hard work, your product certainly played a big role in this achievement. Thank you. I will use your products as I progress through my ratings.
Charlotte, NC
Well done, sir! We're glad we could contribute to your success. Good luck in all of your aviation goals.
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Jan 4 - Another Happy Camper!
Using your product was the number one reason for passing my Instrument Airplane exam the first time with a score of 97%. Your software is the most inexpensive, yet is very flexible and "gets the job done!"
New Castle,DE
Wow! 97% is a great score on the particuarly tough IFR written. We're glad we could help you towards your goal.
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Jan 3 - 100% on the IFR Written - Thank you!
I had already used the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] online study, but at the end of that program was woefully unprepared for the written test. The first few sessions with my CFII rapidly surpassed any insight I gained from the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] course. So IMO the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] IFR course was a *complete* waste of money...

However, your software enabled me to pass the IFR written test with a 100% score in less than 90 minutes. I particularly like your approach to automatically raising/lowering questions in the priority stack. Combined with the ability to easily focus on particular study areas, this enabled me to invest more energy in areas where I needed extra study.

I used [RED-book competitor] for my private, but found your software much more flexible and up-to-date. Their explanations and structured outlines, however, are generally excellent.

FYI, in addition to your software, the other main tool that I used was the FAA Instrument Flying Handbook, plus some online searches for the questions noted above. When I finally got serious about grinding out the written, I studied several hours on most days for about three weeks, but am obviously happy with the results.

Overall I think you provide exceptionally good value. Thank you!

Cupertino, CA
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