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B2B Sales Portal - Lab Licenses, Site Licenses, etc.  B2B Sales Portal - Lab Licenses, Site Licenses, etc. Dauntless Software
Individual Licenses to our apps are what individual customers visiting our website might purchase. This is usually directly for themselves but it can also be for example a parent buying for a child or a kind friend buying a gift for another. Once activated, individual licenses are permanently assigned to one person for life. This is great as it means that the individual can use the software for life without any additional upgrade or yearly subscription fees. However, it also means that the license or the activated strictly cannot and must not be transferred (given, sold, shared, etc) to any other individual, even if the license holder is nominally not using it any more. It's very generous and fair deal. If this sounds like you and are interested in purchasing our products, please start at our homepage and find the product you are after for the platform of your choice. If you need any assistance, we are standing by to help you via our helpdesk.
Bulk Licenses are fundamentally the same as individual licenses except purchased in bulk for a discount. For example, a teacher might gather their 20 students together to make a bulk purchase of one of our test preps that might be of value to each member in the class. At the end of the process, each individual will have their own individual license(s) to the product(s) in question - the licenses cannot be shared. Bulk licenses are anybody from flight schools and universities to individual instructors to websites/FBOs/retail outlets. The process of obtaining our products in bulk is fully automated. To make a bulk purchase, please visit our B2B Portal: Bulk Licenses page. There are additional help resources there as well to guide you through the process.
Lab/Site Licenses are for educational institutions and private businesses which have fixed or essentially fixed computers in a lab or classroom environment. When you purchase a site/lab license (the terms are synonymous), the software will be configured with a special login screen so that anybody who walks up to the computer can use the software and their personalized study progress, saved sessions, and more will follow them around no matter what computer they happen to sit down at and even if they happen to have their own personal copy of the same app on their personal device. What's more, is that, unlike our competitors, we charge per seat, not per student. This means that you can theory have an infinite number of students using our best-in-class apps at a very low per student price. To learn more about these, visit our B2B Portal Site Licenses page.
We also offer an Affiliate Program through which vetted partners - be they individual instructors, schools, social media content creators, YouTube channel hosts, and more can earn a tidy commission by letting others know about us. There are no upfront costs to join.

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