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Your contact information
To participate in our affiliate/reseller program, you are required to provide us with your complete, real contact information. When asked for your email address, this must be one where you can actually be reached with reasonable regularity. When asked for your physical address and similar information, this should be of primary business and/or billing location if you are a business and your primary personal/postal location if you are an individual. You'll be able to specify a shipping address later, if necessary. We need this information from you to help ensure the integrity of the system and to be able to contact you should we need to. Rest assured that your information will be kept in strict confidence.

Please ensure that you provide your real and complete information - if you provide false information, you may be barred from the system and you may forfeit any affiliate comissions due.

Also, for the benefit of our legitimate affiliates and resellers, we repeat our notice and warning from before: if your plan is to sign up for an affiliate/reseller account simply to 'self-deal' a discount/rebate, stop now: our system has safeguards against this and this strategy will not work. Of course, if you actually plan on / hope to be a legitimate affiliate/reseller, then please, by all means, proceeed!

Great! Let's get started.

The first thing we'll need is a valid email address that we'll use as the primary point of contact for your affiliate/reseller account. This should be a real email address (it will be verified in the next step) that you check reasonably often.

Your Email Address: 

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