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FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO)  FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) FAA Written Test Preparation
and Realistic FAA Questions
Regulary Updated
Actual and Realistic FAA Questions - Regularly Updated
Our question banks reflect FAA testing questions to help ensure that when you go to take your actual test, there will be a minimum of surprises. We provide the best explanations in the business (by far!) to help you learn the material and get you ready for any unpublished questions or question re-wordings, as the FAA increasingly uses these to discourage rote memorization. Our method works - our users overwhelmingly pass with high scores. We rebuild our question databases often so that you can study with our latest and greatest question banks quickly (our most recent or upcoming scheduled build: Wednesday, July 17, 2024).
Polished User
Will Save You Time
Polished User Experience
Our GroundSchool apps feature an intuitive and polished user experience that allows you to make the most of your study time. Over the course of your study, this save you many hours and much frustration. Each platform version of GroundSchool FAA features numerous study and learning modes so that you can study in a way that works best for you. For example, you can generate an unlimited number of sample practice tests to study from.
Free Lifetime
Fully Integrated
Free Lifetime Updates
Our GroundSchool FAA apps feature free lifetime updates; built in and at your fingertips. Compare this to books or competing apps, which get out of date from the moment they are printed. Our update system is live connected to our master editorial cloud system - so as soon as a new question appears in our database, you can get it too.
No Internet
Connection Needed
Use Anywhere!
No Internet Connection Needed!
Except for obvious things such as to initially download or later to update the app, you DO NOT NEED TO BE ONLINE to study using our apps. The entire question database and all reference charts and figures will be on your device. You can study whenever and wherever you are.
Proven and
Trusted System
Used By 1000s
A Proven and Trusted System
We've been providing FAA theory exam preparation materials since 1997. Since then, hundreds of flight schools and tens of hundreds of thousands of individual pilots have come to use our training materials. It's a proven system that works.
Not a Subscription!
Buy Only Once*
Not a Subscription!
You pay one price and the app is yours on the platform of your choice forever. There are no further recurring subscription charges whatsoever. With our good-for-life purchase, even after you get your Licenses/Ratings, you can use our app as a brush-up for interviews and currency.

* GroundSchool is licensed on a per-platform basis. For full terms and conditions of products purchased via third-party stores such as Apple iOS or Mac App Store or Google Play, please refer to their websites.
Least Expensive
Serious Prep
Great Value!
Least Expensive Test Prep
We regularly compare ourselves to our copetitors to ensure that we offer great value. We take pride in offering our apps at the lowest total price of any serious FAA exam prep.
Start Studying
Right Now.
Instant Access!
Start Learning Now!
Click on one of the links below to get the app for the platform of your choice. You can download the app and be studying in just minutes, well on your way to passing those exams and fulfilling your aviation goals!

FAA CTO (Control Tower Operator) Test Prep


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& iPad
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Our GroundSchool app can help you pass your FAA CONTROL TOWER OPERATOR / ATP written test!

Our CTO test prep is part of our ATP test prep. If you want to study for the CTO test, just download our ATP test prep for the platform of your choice and select the CTO test. You will then be presented with only questions that apply to the CTO test.

This is unquestionably the best CTO prep in the universe - fast and efficient and with all questions fully and professionally explained.

GroundSchool features up-to-date, ACTUAL FAA QUESTIONS. Answers and Explanations have been written by highly experienced flight instructors and professional pilots. All required charts and figures are included.
Unlike books, DVDs, other materials, our app updates itself using the built-in self-update feature. You can always have the latest and greatest available study material from us at no extra charge.
This app can be used to prepare for the FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) test and also all of the ATP Single-Engine and Multiengine Airplane and Helicopter tests plus Aircraft Dispatcher. The questions have been filtered and sorted so that you study only the questions that will apply to you.
Flight School, College/University, or FBO? Bulk and Lab/Site site licenses are available.
Need More Info? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the CTO-specific FAQs and then also check out the general GroundSchool Frequently Asked Questions
This app will help you prepare for any or all of the following tests:
ATM − Airline Transport Pilot Multiengine Airplane ARA − Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135) (added rating) 
ATS − Airline Transport Pilot Single Engine Airplane ACP − Airline Transport Pilot Canadian Conversion Airplane [about] 
ATH − Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter ACM − Airline Transport Pilot Canadian Conversion Multiengine Airplane [about] 
ARH − Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter (added rating) ACS − Airline Transport Pilot Canadian Conversion Single-engine Airplane [about] 
ADX − Aircraft Dispatcher [about] ACH − Airline Transport Pilot Canadian Conversion Helicoper [about] 
ATP − Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (121 and ATM) CTO − Control Tower Operator 
ATA − Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135)  

Download / Get the Apps!

  • Our FAA Knowledge Test prep apps are updated regularly throughout the year. Updates are free for life!
  • The downloads are large because our apps include the best learning content in the business. Learn More
  • School or Business? Bulk Licenses and Site/Lab/Classroom Licenses are available.

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GroundSchool - Airline Transport Pilot
for Microsoft Windows™ PCs

(including Part 121, 135, Helicopter, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Control Tower Operator)

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GroundSchool - All FAA Written Test Titles
for Microsoft Windows™ PCs

This single large download includes all of our FAA knowledge test prep titles - Private through FE/ATP + Mechanic [More Info].

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GroundSchool - Airline Transport Pilot
for Apple Mac™

(including Part 121, 135, Helicopter, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Control Tower Operator)

GroundSchool - Airline Transport Pilot
for iPhone™ and iPad™

(including Part 121, 135, Helicopter, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Control Tower Operator)

GroundSchool - Airline Transport Pilot
for Android™

(including Part 121, 135, Helicopter, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Control Tower Operator)

Click here to Begin Download GroundSchool - Airline Transport Pilot
Audio Presentation

In MP3 format for your iPod™ / music player or to burn to CD and listen to in the car and elsewhere.

Having difficulty? Please visit our helpdesk for frequently asked questions and personalized support.

We believe (and scientific study validates) that the interactive activity of test preparation, when combined with the sort of detailed supplementary and explanatory material that we offer, is an excellent way to thoroughly learn and internalize key aviation information.

We are test prep specialists and the experience of thousands upon thousands of pilots proves that our method works. We do not use test prep as a "hook", as some of our advertising-based competitors do, to sell you expensive but ineffective passive video-based courses and similar products that do little besides waste your time and drain your wallet.

Use our material and study hard - not just the questions and answers, but the reasoning and explanations too, and be on your way, in a highly time and cost efficient way, to knowledge test and aviation success!

Yes! FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) ATC (Air Traffic Control) Test Prep Apps Are Now Available for all platforms!

Airline Trasnsport Pilot

Our FAA CTO/ATC test prep is inside of our FAA ATP Test Prep app. Our FAA ATP test prep app contains preparation for all of the FAA Airline Transport Pilot and Airline Dispatcher Tests and also the CTO/ATC test.. The Control-Tower Operator/ Air Traffic Control specific topics covered by our prep include:
  • Airport traffic control procedures
  • Flight rules
  • Communications operating procedures
  • Flight assistance service
  • Aviation weather
  • Air navigation and aids to air navigation
  • En route traffic control procedures

Connect With your Instructor or School

This app has a really cool feature. After you complete a study session, you can, choose to report your progress to our TestPrepStatus.com system where you will be able to see charts of your study progress so that you can identity your weak points.

The really cool thing, however, is that you can also invite your instructor (CFI, flight school, mechanic school, mentor, parent, study partner, etc) to log in and monitor your progress. This is neat because now you can prove to your instructor in a concrete way now your study is progressing.

Access to the TestPrepStatus.com system is completely free for you and your instructor! Only GroundSchool has this innovative system.


Frequently Asked Questions
Prepare for and pass the 2024-2025 FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) knowledge test.
The FAA Control Tower Operator (CTO) test is intended for people who are looking to qualify as control tower operators. It is approved by the Air Traffic Service for use in technical training.

We at Dauntless offer the best CTO test prep in existence. You can prepare for the platform of your choice using actual, realistic, and current FAA questions per the FAA Control Tower Operator study guide. Our prep offer a polished and efficient study environment and, critically, the best, most detailed explanations in the business so that you'll be best prepared for new and unpublished questions.

Our prep is fully compatible with FAA ATC Publication TS-14-1 and the FAA Airmen Certification Standards (where applicable).

How do I get the CTO test prep?
We bundle the CTO prep inside of our GroundSchool - FAA - Airline Transport Pilot app. What this means is that you get our GroundSchool FAA ATP app for the platform of your choice, start the app, and then select the CTO test from the list of tests provided.

If, after you get the ATP prep you don't immediately see CTO in the list of tests, then don't panic - there's an easy fix. Go the update screen from the main menu of the app and use the 'update' feature get the latest and greatest content. This will add the CTO content to the app and from there you'll be able to select the CTO test.

I don't see CTO on the description / list of tests for your FAA ATP test prep app.
We are limited in how often we can update the description for our apps, but 100% the CTO prep is there. Here's what you need to do:
  1. Get the GroundSchool - ATP test prep app for the platform of your choice.
  2. Start the app, select "Get Updates" (or equivalent) from the main menu.
  3. Update the app content using the built in and free update process
  4. The CTO test will now be there in the list of tests to study for in the ATP app.

What content is included in the CTO prep?
Our test prep consists of seven individual areas of learning. Each area is listed in Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR), Section 65.35. These accurately reflect the areas that you will be tested on in your actual app. The content is current for 2024 and with the lifetime included free updates you'll be set for years to come.
  1. Airport traffic control procedures
  2. Flight rules
  3. Communications operating procedures
  4. Flight assistance service
  5. Aviation weather
  6. Air navigation and aids to air navigation
  7. En route traffic control procedures

Realistic Questions and Content
The CTO test prep content that comes from FAA publication TS-14-1 is accurately reflected in our test prep. In other words, we make sure that you can study from official FAA guidance for the CTO test. We supplement this prep with additional related material from other FAA tests. For example, in order to better cover the breadth of weather questions that you may need to know as a CTO applicant or continuing education subject, we include a number of METAR/TAF/etc questions that generally come from other, pilot tests. By adding these, we have a more complete prep that will make you better prepared for both the CTO test specifically and to work as an air traffic controller or related professional more generally.

Charts and Figures?
Yes, our CTO prep contains all the charts and figures that you'll need to study for and pass the test. All are included right in the app.

All questions in the app feature complete, detailed explanations.

Where possible and relevant, our explanations include direct quotations from FAA Publications, including:

  • CFR 14 (the Federal Aviation Regulations)
  • FAA Guidebooks and Handbooks
  • JO 7110.65 (Air Traffic Control)
  • The Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  • The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
  • The FAA Pilot/Controller Glossary
and many others. Our explanations are detailed and often illustrated. Each is written by an editorial team of experienced pilots, mechanics, examiners, and ATC specialists.


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