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May I install on more than one computer or device?
Category: General

Question / Issue:
May I install a given on more than one computer or device even if I only purchased one license?

The answer is both yes and no.

If you purchase, for example, our GroundSchool Windows PC software, you CAN INDEED use it on as many Windows PCs as you'd like (within reason), as long as it's for your own PERSONAL use. This means, for example, that you can install it on your desktop PC, laptop, and work PC (if your work allows you to install software).

However, neither Macs nor Android devices nor iPhones nor iPads are Windows PCs.

If you'd like to use GroundSchool on a DIFFERENT PLATFORM (such as Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Android), then you'd have to purchase each separately.

This is not our policy nor our choice. We'd love to be able to offer combos of multiple platforms and it would make a lot of sense for us to offer such combos. However, Apple, Google, and Amazon set out rules strictly prevent us from doing so. We cannot make our products available through their App Stores and App Markets if we do not follow their rules. All app makers are similarly limited by such rules.


  • If you purchase our iOS apps for your iPhone/iPad, you can use this on all of your iPhones/iPads connected to the same Apple account as per apple rules.
  • However, iOS and Mac purchases are 100% separate. Again, Apple's policy which we have no way around.
  • Similar things apply in the Android world with regards to Google's policies.
  • However, please understand that Amazon App Store and Google App Store purchases are also separate. You cannot transfer a license from a device that uses the Google app ecosystem to one that uses the Amazon app ecosystem even though both are 'Android.' Again, his is Amazon and Google policy. This mostly affects those who have a Kindle Fire device from Amazon only. Most Android users get apps via the Google Play store. The Amazon App Market is far smaller and less popular.
What about 'transferring' a license from one platform to another?. Unfortunately, this is also not possible due to the same Apple, Google, etc policies. This means, unfortunately, that you cannot transfer an existing license to a PC version of one of our titles to a Mac or an iPhone.

Our Safelog Pilot Logbook System is an Exception - Our Safelog eLogbook system is an exception. When you purchase Safelog, you can use it on any and all platforms for which it is available with your one subscription. The reason Safelog is different is that its sales go through through a 'subscription' mechanisms and Google and Apple allow us to offer multi-platform support in such cases.

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Support via Telephone?

We provide customer and technical support via this online helpdesk. This allows you to receive prompt (sometimes instant), efficient help from either our automated response system and/or the exact person who can best assist you. As a plus, such a system ensures that a detailed written record of the conversation is available for you which can be extremely helpful when asking for and receiving technical help.

While the vast, vast majority of our visitors understand and appreciate this industry-standard system, to some of you such an online helpdesk may nevertheless be a new concept. If so, please click here to learn more about why we do things this way. Thank you for your understanding!.