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Fundamentals of Instruction Test Preparation  Fundamentals of Instruction Test Preparation FAA Written Test Preparation
and Realistic FAA Questions
Regulary Updated
Actual and Realistic FAA Questions - Regularly Updated
Our question banks reflect FAA testing questions to help ensure that when you go to take your actual test, there will be a minimum of surprises. We provide the best explanations in the business (by far!) to help you learn the material and get you ready for any unpublished questions or question re-wordings, as the FAA increasingly uses these to discourage rote memorization. Our method works - our users overwhelmingly pass with high scores. We rebuild our question databases often so that you can study with our latest and greatest question banks quickly (our most recent or upcoming scheduled build: Thursday, July 18, 2024).
Polished User
Will Save You Time
Polished User Experience
Our GroundSchool apps feature an intuitive and polished user experience that allows you to make the most of your study time. Over the course of your study, this save you many hours and much frustration. Each platform version of GroundSchool FAA features numerous study and learning modes so that you can study in a way that works best for you. For example, you can generate an unlimited number of sample practice tests to study from.
Free Lifetime
Fully Integrated
Free Lifetime Updates
Our GroundSchool FAA apps feature free lifetime updates; built in and at your fingertips. Compare this to books or competing apps, which get out of date from the moment they are printed. Our update system is live connected to our master editorial cloud system - so as soon as a new question appears in our database, you can get it too.
No Internet
Connection Needed
Use Anywhere!
No Internet Connection Needed!
Except for obvious things such as to initially download or later to update the app, you DO NOT NEED TO BE ONLINE to study using our apps. The entire question database and all reference charts and figures will be on your device. You can study whenever and wherever you are.
Proven and
Trusted System
Used By 1000s
A Proven and Trusted System
We've been providing FAA theory exam preparation materials since 1997. Since then, hundreds of flight schools and tens of hundreds of thousands of individual pilots have come to use our training materials. It's a proven system that works.
Not a Subscription!
Buy Only Once*
Not a Subscription!
You pay one price and the app is yours on the platform of your choice forever. There are no further recurring subscription charges whatsoever. With our good-for-life purchase, even after you get your Licenses/Ratings, you can use our app as a brush-up for interviews and currency.

* GroundSchool is licensed on a per-platform basis. For full terms and conditions of products purchased via third-party stores such as Apple iOS or Mac App Store or Google Play, please refer to their websites.
Least Expensive
Serious Prep
Great Value!
Least Expensive Test Prep
We regularly compare ourselves to our copetitors to ensure that we offer great value. We take pride in offering our apps at the lowest total price of any serious FAA exam prep.
Start Studying
Right Now.
Instant Access!
Start Learning Now!
Click on one of the links below to get the app for the platform of your choice. You can download the app and be studying in just minutes, well on your way to passing those exams and fulfilling your aviation goals!

With a minimum of time and cost, YOU can ACE your FAA Fundamentals of Instruction knowledge (written) test using our GroundSchool Software. (Free Trial! Download Below.)

"Thank you for providing such comprehensive and up to date software to prepare me for my FOI written test ... If I would have relied on any other providers' software alone, I would have been unprepared for the test. I did use the [royally-named, royally-expensive competitor's] (outdated) software, and a [amateur-hour] horrible FOI test prep app for the iPad along with Dauntless software in preparing for the test. I credit my success to Dauntless alone. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE FANTASTIC PREPARATION SOFTWARE!"
- WH, Berkeley CA
"I studied for just a couple hours a day just under a week and was able to ace my FOI test in 10 min with 100%. Very good descriptions and explainations of answers and why the FAA wants each specific answer. Much better android app than the competition since you can save, and have question stacks. I even understand some of the material better. Thanks a lot Dauntless! Next up is the FIA and AGI, I will let you know the outcome for those as well."

The FAA Fundamentals of Instruction knowledge test must be taken by most Flight and Ground Instructor applicants. However, it is only peripherally aviation related. The real focus of this test is the theory and practice of teaching and learning. By making you think about the teaching and learning process, the FAA undoubtedly hopes that you will become a better instructor yourself.

Our GroundSchool software will help you prepare for the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction test in a highly effective way. It is 100% what you need to prepare for your FoI written test and features actual FAA questions.

We offer two ways to purchase the FoI written test:

  1. Most People Should Get the Combined Flight Instructor and FoI Prep from here. The FoI prep can be purchased as part of GroundSchool Flight and Ground Instructor. For one price, you get both the Fundamentals of Instruction test prep plus a complete prep for your actual flight and ground instructor written test. This is the best solution for most potential flight and ground instructors. Please visit the GroundSchool - Flight and Ground Instructor page if you think this might apply to you.
  2. A few others might truly need just the FoI prep. The FoI prep can also be purchased individually, separate from the complete Flight and Ground Instructor test bank as well. This is for people who need to prepare only for the Fundamentals of Instruction written test but not for any other test in the FAA Flight/Ground Instructor test bank. This may include:
    • Instrument Flight Instructor Candidate? Somebody who intends to get an INSTRUMENT flight/ground instructor certificate as their INITIAL and ONLY (ever!) flight/ground instructor certificate. The CFI-Instrument (Airplane and Helicopter) test can be studied for using our GroundSchool - Instrument Rating software as the CFI-I questions are part of the FAA IFR, NOT Flight Instructor banks. If you plan on getting your CFI-I as your initial flight instructor certificate, you will likely need to take the FoI written. However, if your instrument will be your first flight/ground instructor certificate but you plan at some point to get your regular "VFR" instructor certificate (CFI/BGI/AGI), then you should look into the combined Flight Instructor / FoI package as you will at some point need to take a "VFR" flight/ground instructor written test as well. Remember, upgrades are always free, so if you buy the software now it will be waiting for you when you're ready to study.
    • Corporate FoI Taker? As it turns out the FoI is a pretty good test and studying for it is generally a worthwhile experience for many, even outside the flight instruction world. Some companies and departments have made it mandatory for a wide variety of people. If you are such a person, maybe our FoI only prep is for you.
Exempt from the FoI?
A small percentage of people, such as those with certain formal degrees in education, are in theory exempted from taking the Fundamentals of Instruction written test. In our experience, however, most people who are in theory exempted end up taking it anyway. Why? First of all, it's often easier to just prepare for and pass the FoI written test than to jump through the paperwork hoops that may be associated with proving your exempt status. More than that, however, is that the FoI is actually quite a good test and a good review of basic teaching/learning theory. And, if you still don't buy that, consider this: even if you are theoretically exempt from the written test, you will not be exempt from knowing FAA Fundamentals of Instruction material during your flight instructor checkride. Remember: initial CFI checkrides are almost always given by an FAA Pilot Examiner. The oral portion of your initial CFI checkride will in all likelihood be quite intense and you will have to know the FoI stuff quite well - you will not be able to bluff your way through it based on your general background in education - the FAA Pilot Examiner will want to hear evidence that you know the FAA FoI take on things. The CFI checkride is among the most often failed and lack of preparedness for the FoI portion of the oral exam undoubtedly makes up a substantial portion of those failures. Your best chance of success is to prepare for and take the Fundamentals of Instruction written test - even if you are theoretically exempt.

GroundSchool Features:

  • Unlike books and other materials, our software updates itself using the built-in LiveUpdate feature. You always have the latest and greatest available study material from us at no extra charge.
  • This software costs about the same as what a book does, but is significantly more time efficient. Sure, DVD/Video sets may look pretty, but many find them frustrating, timewise. Our software works on YOUR pace at significantly lesser cost.
  • Yes, you study here using up-to-date, ACTUAL FAA QUESTIONS. Answers and Explanations written by highly experienced flight instructors and professional pilots. All required charts and figures included.

Software Download
The best way to get a feel for the software is to download it from below it and try it out! The demo is free (and if you decide to purchase it, the price is very reasonable.)


GroundSchool - Flight Instructor
Flight Instructor Airplane/Helicopter/Gyroplane and Fundamentals of Instruction.

GroundSchool - Fundamentals of Instruction Only Version
This smaller download includes only FoI. For the most part, you're better off downloading the Flight/Ground Instructor version above, since it includes not only the FoI, but the other Flight Instructor tests as well. However, we provide the FoI-only version here as an option.

[Note: Instrument Flight/Ground Instructor test prep?.][click here for other FAA Pilot & Mechanic Tests]

Ready to Register? buy now
Click here to order an unlock code via electronic delivery

Our small company greatly appreciates all registrations.

Connect With your Instructor or School

This app has a really cool feature. After you complete a study session, you can, choose to report your progress to our TestPrepStatus.com system where you will be able to see charts of your study progress so that you can identity your weak points.

The really cool thing, however, is that you can also invite your instructor (CFI, flight school, mechanic school, mentor, parent, study partner, etc) to log in and monitor your progress. This is neat because now you can prove to your instructor in a concrete way now your study is progressing.

Access to the TestPrepStatus.com system is completely free for you and your instructor! Only GroundSchool has this innovative system.

[LiveUpdate troubles? click here]


GroundSchool software is ....

1. Time Efficient.

GroundSchool is designed to help you learn the material and score highly on your test in the most efficient manner possible. Our app represents years of listening to and understanding the needs of pilots and mechanics. The program is designed with the singular goal of helping you learn the material so you can pass your FAA written test with a minimum of time and effort. Sure, there are some study methods that are cheaper (and many far more expensive!).. but only if your time is worth nothing.. Our app is fast, efficient, and proven.

Here are a few screenshots from the app:

  • GroundSchool FOI Main Menu
  • GroundSchool FOI Test Selection Screen
  • GroundSchool FOI Chapter Selection
  • GroundSchool FOI Test and Study Options
  • GroundSchool FOI Test Screen Screenshot

2. Easily Updatable.

With our FAA Written Test Prep app, you don't have to worry about having an out of date version. Our authors work to update the data as FAA question pools change. Groundschool has a built-in self-update feature that connects to our servers and makes sure that you have the latest and greatest versions of the app and data soon after they becomes available.

Additionally, the self-update can be used to install new test data (such as Instrument Rating on top of Private Pilot) so you can have it when and where you need it.

3. Inexpensive.

"I Passed the IFR (Airplane) and Flight Instructor Instruments tests in the same afternoon after using your apps! I think your apps are very good. There was a guy next to me at the CATS testing center that failed after using She**** A**. ... I think the intuitiveness of your apps is superb. ... Thanks for the help, I'll be using this for my commercial as well! "
- JT - GroundSchool User.

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the FAA Ground School Test Prep app. The features are outstanding with regard to knowledge reinforcement, cross referencing, concentrating on weak points, and ease of use. Even if you have one of the other home study courses you still need this program."
- DM - GroundSchool User.

"I took my test yesterday, and scored 97%. I hd K***'s DVD set and an A** book too. None of them hit the mark in terms of meeting my needs as much as your app did. I was able to load the app on my work laptop, and take practice tests everywhere: in airports, in-flight (in scheduled airlines), long meetings. It really helped that I could save my tests, and could review the questions I got wrong later. Being able to search for questions ... was very valuable in keeping me efficient and focused. You should all be proud of having created something so useful, so well thought out! "
- DM - GroundSchool User.

For Individual Customers:

A "test bank" contains one or more tests. For example, the "Private and Recreational Pilot" test bank will contain the Private Pilot Airplane, Private Pilot Helicopter, and other tests. You'll be able to see the exact tests in each of the test banks in the screens to follow. Here are the available GroundSchool test banks:

Private and Recreational Pilot Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Aviation Mechanic (General)
Instrument Rating (IFR) Flight Engineer Aviation Mechanic (Airframe)
Commercial Pilot Sport Pilot (General) Aviation Mechanic (Powerplant)
Flight and Ground Instructor Sport Pilot (Instructor & Examiner) Parachute Rigger
Remote Drone (sUAS) Pilot
& iPad
Phones & Tablets
Mac MP3 Audio Windows
Any Individual Test Bank
  Unlimited use of the program to help you prepare for for tests in any one of the above pilot, A&P, or drone test banks.  
$59.99 / $54.99
buy now
for Windows PC
'Pick 3' Bundle

Unlock any three pilot or mechanic test banks. You can choose ANY combination of 3 of the test banks shown above, including:
Mechanic General/Airframe/Powerplant

buy now
for Windows PC
'Pick 2' Bundle

Unlock any two test banks. You can choose ANY combination of 2 of the test banks shown above, including:

buy now
for Windows PC
Sport Pilot
Sport Pilot Instructor and Examiner
Sport Pilot Bundle

For those looking to really make the most of the world of light sport piloting! Includes the following two test banks + FOI:
   Sport Pilot
Sport Pilot Instructor and Examiner
Fundamentals of Instruction

buy now
for Windows PC
Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot
Instrument Rating (IFR)
Commercial Pilot
Flight and Ground Instructor
Fundamentals of Instruction
Takeoff Bundle

For the serious and committed pilot! Includes all of the following test banks:
   Private and Recreational Pilot
Instrument Rating (including Instrument Flight Instructor - CFII)
Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor (including Ground Instructor and Fundamentals of Instruction)

buy now
for Windows PC
Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot
Instrument Rating (IFR)
Commercial Pilot
Flight and Ground Instructor
Fundamentals of Instruction
Sport Pilot
Sport Pilot Instructor and Examiner
Takeoff Bundle + Sport Pilot Bundle

For the serious and committed pilot who may also want to operate in the Light Sport Pilot realm. Includes all of the following test banks:
   Private and Recreational Pilot
Instrument Rating (including Instrument Flight Instructor - CFII)
Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor (including Ground Instructor and Fundamentals of Instruction)
Sport Pilot
Sport Pilot Instructor and Examiner

buy now
for Windows PC
Airline Transport Pilot
Flight Engineer
FlightLevel Bundle

For already experienced, but soon to be professional pilots! Includes the following two test banks:
   Flight Engineer (Reciprocating, Turbojet, and Turboprop)
Airline Transport Pilot (Parts 121 and 135, both add-on and initial), plus Aircraft Dispatcher

buy now
for Windows PC
Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot
Instrument Rating (IFR)
Commercial Pilot
Flight and Ground Instructor
Fundamentals of Instruction
Airline Transport Pilot
Flight Engineer
Pro Pilot Bundle
  For the Professional Pilot of the future! One of our best Value FAA written test prep packages. This is for those really focused on a career in aviation. This package includes both the Takeoff and FlightLevel Bundles combined.
buy now
for Windows PC
Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot
Instrument Rating (IFR)
Commercial Pilot
Flight and Ground Instructor
Fundamentals of Instruction
Sport Pilot
Sport Pilot Instructor and Examiner
Airline Transport Pilot
Flight Engineer
Pro Pilot Bundle + Sport Pilot Bundle
  For the Professional Pilot of the future who also wants to operate in the dynamic Sport Pilot world! Our Best Value FAA written test prep package. This is for those really focused on a career in aviation but who also love it enough and want the 'future proofing' security of also getting a Sport Pilot license(s). This package everything from the Takeoff, Sport Pilot, and FlightLevel Bundles combined.
buy now
for Windows PC
A&P General
A&P Airframe
A&P Powerplant
Aviation Mechanic A&P Bundle

Complete preparation for the three written / knowledge tests (General, Airframe, and Powerplant) that you'll need to take and pass to get get an FAA A&P certificate. Includes access to all three A&P test banks. Please note: choosing this is the same as choosing a "pick 3" bundle above and then selecting the mechanic tests from there.

buy now
for Windows PC
Remote Drone (UAS) Pilot
  Unlimited use of the app to prepare for your drone remote pilot in command initial and/or recurrent tests  
$59.99 / $54.99
buy now
for Windows PC
Military Competence (only)
  This is for purchasing the Military Competence test banks (Military Competence Airplane and Helicopter - MCA and MCH and/or Military Competence Instructor (MCI)) only. Purchase this option if you are a military pilot wishing to obtain your FAA civilian commercial pilot and/or flight instructor certificate(s) on the basis of your military experience. See the Military Competence page for full details.
buy now
for Windows PC
Fundamentals of Instruction
Fundamentals of Instruction (only)
  This is for purchasing the prep for the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) test only. This is for people who are sure that they need ONLY the FOI prep. Most flight and ground instructor candidates should NOT get this, but rather the complete CFI test bank that includes all the flight/ground instructor tests plus the FOI. To be clear: any purchase that includes CFI automatically includes FOI at no extra charge, so that if you selected CFI as a title either as a 'single test bank' or part of the pick 3 bundle, you'd get both CFI and FOI and it would only count as one test bank. This "FOI only" option here is at a lower price for those who know that they will only ever need FOI.
buy now
for Windows PC

4. Field-Tested.

"I took the test after working with your software and the K*** Schools CFI/FOI course. Your course was the most economical to use for the practice tests versus K*** Schools. I studied at a slow pace for 3 months then accelerated the practice and review one month prior to the written. Your course was great for getting familiar with the computerized testing scheme that CATS employs. I scored 99% on my FI/A and 100% on my FOI written tests. I believe I spent about and hour and a half on the FI/A test and only 35 minutes on the FOI. I plan on using your software for any future ratings or certificates. Thank you." - FM (CFI/FOI)

"100%!" - PM (Comm/CFI)

"Passed ... Fundamentals of Instruction ... only one question wrong ... only 2.5 hours of study" - AA (CFI/FOI)

"Test score was 97%. Software was highly helpful." - JW (CFI)

"Only missed one on the FOI (my fault!) The software was a big help!" - DH (CFI/FOI)

"I will recommend your software to my students .." - DF (PVT/IFR/Comm/CFI)

"The new explanations are a great help... I ended up getting a 100%." - LR (IFR/Comm/CFI)

"I'm using the Groundschool FOI-Only version of your software, and this is just a great product. Flexible, clear, easy-to-use, and most of all effective." - DW

"The software did an excellent job from start to finish. It walked me through the material in a logical manner, became progressively more challenging, and allowed me to master the EXACT FAA questions. In addition, simulating the Laser Grade testing format was perfect training for the real thing! FOI score = 100% Thanks guys!" - SH, GroundSchool User

The feedback keeps rolling in. Our users routinely score very highly on their knowledge tests. We invite you to be next. It's hard to say for sure, but we're confident within reasonable doubt that we have helped "hundreds get hundreds" with our software by this point.

5. Powerful and Versatile.

  Actual and realistic FAA questions. 100% Compatible with FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS).
  Detailed explanations for every question. The best in the business by a long way. Often illustrated.
  All reference charts and figures are included right in the app for quick access and study.
  A polished User Experience optimized to help you learn quickly and efficiently.
  Questions Filtered by Specific Test so that you study only exactly that which applies to your specific test.
  Customizable study and learning modes in=cluding the ability to take aninfinite number of simulated/practice tests!
  flaggable and searchable questions, an integrated aviation glossary, built-in quick updates, and much more!

FAA Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) Knowledge Test Score Results
Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI)

Thanks for checking out the software! Good luck on your test, and blue skies!

The FAATest.com Team


Is your flight school like this? The Wright Brothers testing the balancing skills of potential flight students. Actually, while the photo is genuine, the Wrights were engaging in some lighthearted fun (1904).


"I believe that your product is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT. I has been a joy to work with. All the more so due to your very prompt response to my questions.." - EF

"I was about to order the [competitor's product] when I noticed your product. Because it was downloadable, I could start practicing right away. And, the price was right. I'm a 64 year old 1000 hour private pilot with instrument rating who suddenly decided to get my Commercial and CFII as a retirement vocation. I don’t learn as fast as I did 40 years ago. GroundSchool has been a great learning and practicing tool." - JG

"I will tell you that I think your app is a wonderful product and I have personally recommended it to many students at [FBO] ground school classes... in fact as a result of using your program, my wife blew by the other students in her class! This has been a tremendous confidence builder for her as she was somewhat intimidated by the other students (all male) Kind of fun to watch their faces when she completes a multiple chapter review in 1/4 of the time they took. Now, they make comments during the correction like..." well I had answer A but [wife's name] has answer B and I'm sure she has the right answer "

We're having a great time with your app even I use it to keep myself fresh... Thanks!" - GW

Useful Documents
Instructors! Manage yours and/or your students' FAA Form 8710-1s - Application for Airman Certificate or Rating
VFR Flight Planning form
IFR Flight Planning form
Become a safer pilot - Learn Morse Code for Aviation
Aircraft Checklists to download
Library of Aviation
Passenger Safety Card
Useful Aviation Mnemonics
Reward for new FAA questions!

This product undergoes
Continuous Refinement.

We continually work to upgrade both the content and functionality of our software and apps.

Upgrades are always available free of charge and with minimum hassle through straighforward, built-in self-update features.

Our products can help you not just pass your test now, but will also be there for you when you want to review and update your knowledge down the line.

Some Advice about the Instructor Written tests I wish somebody would have given me:

The Advanced and Basic Ground Instructor tests use (essentially) the same questions as the FIA Flight Instructor Airplane test.

Therefore, if you're studying for the FIA (or Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane), it's not a bad idea to take the AGI or BGI (or IGI) test immediately (as in 5 minutes) after taking your FIA (or IFI) tests.

Yes, this will cost you an additional testing center fee, but you'll get the ground instructor ratings with zero extra study time.

While the ground instructor ratings may be somewhat needless for most flight instructors in terms of instructing, they do look good on an aviation CV plus they are required if you ever get the opportunity to upgrade your flight instructor certificate to Gold Seal status.


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