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Seaplane Transition and Checkride Prep  Seaplane Transition and Checkride Prep Dauntless Aviation
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Ever wanted to fly a seaplane? For many people, a transition from land-planes to seaplanes is a challenging but enjoyable long weekend course where a new skill is learned and capability gained. As with any aspect of aviation, the more you know before you show up to fly, the better prepared you will be and the less expensive time you will waste in the air learning what could have been learned on the ground.

Seaplane Rating Screen Shots

Our RideReady: Seaplane Pilot software will, in an interactive question-answer presentation style, take you through the key knowledge points as determined by the FAA that are crucial for safe and effective seaplane operation.

RideReady: Seaplane Pilot is mainly intended for pilots who already have an airplane-land certificate/rating and want to add the seaplane rating. If you are such a person, then you have taken a checkride and know what an examiner wants from you during an oral - not complete mastery of every last technical detail, but rather a solid functional knowledge of terms, procedures, and contingencies coupled with sound judgment and effective problem solving skills.

This software can be used:

  • Before you show up for you seaplane flight course, so that you minimize training time and cost
  • After you have begun your training but before your seaplane checkride, as a tool to help check your preparedness and fill in any gaps in your knowledge
  • For years after you get your seaplane rating, as a refresher tool. RideReady: Seaplane includes free lifetime upgrades.

You can be studying using RideReady: Seaplane in minutes - just download and install the software from below. It's available on a "try before you buy" basis to ensure your satisfaction. We thank you for giving it a try.

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The best way to get a feel for our RideReady PC software is to download it from below it and try it out! The PC software demo is free (and if you decide to purchase it, the price is very reasonable.)

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RideReady: Seaplane Rating
PC Software for MS-Windows™

RideReady: All Titles Bundle (Airplane, Helicopter, etc.)
PC Software for MS-Windows™

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Titles for iPhone™ and iPad™

RideReady for Mac™

Titles for Android™

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Having difficulty? Please visit our helpdesk for frequently asked questions and personalized support.

Frequently Asked Questions
Note: The Frequently Asked Questions below are intended to familiarize you with the basics of the product. For technical support FAQs for this product plus, additional FAQs, please visit our helpdesk

For whom is this software intended?

AnswerThis software is mainly intended for licensed (land) airplane pilots who are intending to add a seaplane rating. It can also be used by pilots for whom their first license will be in their seaplane, though this title really only covers seaplane-specific stuff and such "ab initio" pilots might also therefore want to consider our Private Pilot Oral Exam Prep software which covers more general airplane information that the typical "conversion" user is likely to already know.

This software will help you:

  1. Before you begin your seaplane course, to give you the knowledge that you will need to maximize your training dollar
  2. During your seaplane course to help you prepare for your checkride according to FAA standards and practices
  3. Long after your checkride as you can use this software as a refresher. Upgrades are free for life!

When should I start studying for my checkride oral?

AnswerIdeally, you should start studying as early in the training process as you can. Having more knowledge earlier on will help you make the most of your training flights and therefore likely save you training money / time over the course of your training. That said, RideReady is perfectly suitable as a "night before the checkride" cram tool as well.

Float-planes vs Hull-planes? What about float equipped helicopters?

AnswerYes, this software will give you the knowledge areas for both major types of seaplanes. There is no helicopter-specific information in this software, though much is common with the airplane information.

Why does RideReady not grade answers right and wrong?

AnswerUnlike on FAA written tests where questions have obvious and definite answers, many checkride oral questions are intended to probe your functional literacy and reasoning skills. Answers are often rich and detailed. Therefore, it is impractical to grade your answers strictly. Rather, RideReady leaves it up to you to see how your answer compares to ours. That said, RideReady allows you to flag questions as easy, neutral, or hard so that you can zero in on questions of importance to you. By the way, if you need FAA written test prep software, check out our GroundSchool software.

Do I have to know ALL of the content of RideReady before taking my checkride?

AnswerGenerally speaking, It is a good idea to know the vast bulk of the content of RideReady that pertains to the aircraft you fly. However, of course, while it is helpful for you to know as much as you can, examiners give reasonable leeway for little gaps here and there. Still, to increase your odds of success, study up! Fortunately, RideReady makes this easy.

How much does RideReady cost?

AnswerYou can download the demo version for free and try it out. To get full access to RideReady, you need to unlock (buy) it. When you buy it, an unlock code is emailed to you that you then enter into the software which transforms it into the full version. For a complete list of prices, please see the RideReady order page or look below:

Order RideReady
Seaplane Pilot
RideReady: SeaPlane pilot will help you prepare for either the Private Pilot Seaplane or Commercial Pilot Seaplane checkride (either add-on or initial).
buy now
Joy of Flight Bundle **Great Value**
For those who have it in them to tackle some of aviation's greatest challenges, this bundle inclues four RideReady titles (Balloon Pilot, Glider Pilot, Seaplane Pilot, and Tailwheel Transition) at a great value price. Of course, few, if any of us, do all four in a short time frame, but remember - your RideReady purchase entitles you to free lifetime personal upgrades, so it'll be ready when you are.
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How many questions does RideReady contain?

AnswerThis is a constantly evolving answer, since we constantly update RideReady as necessary. For the most complete answer, download RideReady and give it a try, remembering that the demo version gives you access to only about 5% of the questions.

How can I be sure that the information contained in RideReady: Seaplane will be compatible with my course?

AnswerRideReady: Seaplane pilot very closely follows the FAA recommendations and practices for seaplane flight, so the chance for discrepancy is quite low. In fact, much of RideReady comes from exact FAA recommendations on the subject that have been categorized, organized, and edited to make your learning very efficient.

What happens when updates are released?

AnswerUpdates are always free, so, unlike limited-lifespan books, RideReady will serve you well into the future! There is an update link from the main menu. Click that, select the test you want, and follow the instructions to get the latest and greatest. Getting upgrades is integrated, fast, and free.

Thanks for checking out RideReady! Good luck in all of your flying goals!!

The checkride.com Team


FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep - Private through ATP
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