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FAQ > RideReady FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep
How does RideReady quiz me on my specific aircraft type?

In RideReady, you select from a list of common aircraft for a given certificate or rating. For example, for Private / Recreational Pilot, RideReady has question sets for a variety of common Diamond, Cessna, and Piper aircraft. Once you select an aircraft, the RideReady will ask you questions about that particular aircraft (for example, it could ask you questions that pertain to the fuel system design of your particular aircraft). Furthermore, because for a number of reasons there are variations between even the same type of aircraft (for example, one particular aircraft might have special wing tips installed that lower the published stall speeds), RideReady allows you to further customize many specifics so that its questions will best reflect your particular aircraft.

Furthermore, if RideReady just doesn't have the aircraft you are using, you can always enter data for a generic aircraft. Since aircraft systems, performance, and limitations are a key FAA emphasis areas on checkrides, the ability to customize the quizzing to your aircraft's needs is a particularly important advantage of RideReady over books, which typically only talk about generic aircraft.