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SimPlates 2004 vs. Jeppesen SimCharts?

Well, our biased answer is available in the little chart below. However, independent review sites have also compared the two and in general SimPlates 2004 comes out FAR ahead in terms of value for money, features, ease of use, number of plates, and more.

Note: some early reviews (such as that in UK's PC Pilot Magazine) rated SimPlates 2004 and Jepp SimCharts about equal--that is, they rated SimPlates 2004 better in nearly every way except that Jepp had natively better coverage for the particular areas of interest to the reviewers--in that case, in UK coverage. Since that article went to press several months ago, PlatePacks have been introduced that greatly enhance SimPlates 2004's coverage area to where it is now unquestionably better than Jepp's offering.

SimPlates 2004
Jeppesen SimCharts
Actual IFR Approach (and other) Plates, as used by real pilots
Many more plates than the other
Significantly less expensive than the other
Integrated Airport/Facilities Directories
Integrated Preferred Route Tables
Users can add more plates and share packs of plates with each other to get better coverage still
Works with all PC simulators, including, but not limited to, Microsoft Flight Simulator (all versions)

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